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Richard Salter Storrs Library 

693 Longmeadow Street 
Longmeadow, Mass. 01 106 






"■:-/. M 


'".V : 


masacksic 1984 

high school 



volume xxviii 



Goals. All our lives we've been 
told to set them, work for them, 
and reach them. In the past four 
years our goals have ranged from 
winning a Western Massachusetts 
championship to getting into col- 
lege. Now we are on the thresh- 
old of a new set of goals. 

Little did we anticipate what 
was to come when we entered 
high school in 1980. As confused 
freshman, graduation was a dis- 
tant goal. Our major concern 
then was finding the next class 
without getting lost. Sophomore 
year was a transition year. We 
were not expected to behave 
like freshman, but we still didn't 
have upperclassmen status. How- 
ever, the infamous junior year fi- 
nally arrived, bringing with it 
S.A.T.'s, term papers, and college 
searches. Our goal that year was 
just to survive. 

Then, the sun rose on the first 
day of senior year. Finally, we 
were The Seniors! With this year 
came our biggest goals: applica- 
tions, Senior Class Play, Prom, 
Banquet, and GRADUATION. Re- 
member the agitation we felt in 
April waiting for that thick enve- 
lope to arrive? To us, our most 
important goal was accom- 
plished when it did. Who would 
have thought that way back in 
1981 this day would come, 

As we prepare to move on, we 
can look back on our four years 
at Longmeadow High with pride 
and appreciation. Although we 
have encountered many obsta- 
cles along the way, as the Class 
of 1984, we have worked togeth- 
er to produce a determined, am- 
bitious group of young, intelligent 
people who will continue to at- 
tain their goals, no matter how 
far-reaching they may be. 









It is not 

the attainment of the goal 

that matters 




on gn rgj m m gp QP 

rfWS J^s J*v s^v jpws rf"% *»» 

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¥4 J , 

\A n / 

T7r* h 


5 J* a i»i 


if. » » ; \ 

I^^MkMI^W "■ 


Sit & " 


"■'Mr I/ 


I . _; 

«' I / - 





ffakffV **-. 


to strive, 
to seek, 

and not to yield. 
Alfred Lord Tennyson 


" ,«-,,< 




|Ur.# «*»% «w^ 

J .1L&- 

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\ 7 ''/•-/ 

'7 » /» - - 


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&«w$ i*im 








F* ■• 

»■,'■*■ •» 

J&. ^ 

a m 










,1^^ '*r- 

/: -— 

■BBS ^,3 wSS 




seniors 12 

sports 72 

faculty 106 

underclassmen 126 

student life 152 

ads 188 


Mr. Angelo Teixeira 

Each year, the editors of Masackslc must under- 
take one of the most difficult tasks that they must face 
as yearbook editors: choosing the traditional year- 
book dedication. We have so many fine teachers and 
staff members at the high school that any one of them 
could well deserve this honor. 

However, since the theme of the 1984 Masacksic 
concerns goals, we attempted to narrow the field to 


Mr. James Climo 

those who particularly helped us develop and attain 
the many goals we have chosen for ourselves. These 
educators have not only helped to mold our thinking 
while we were students at Longmeadow High School, 
but they have shaped in many ways our goals and our 
successes in years to come. 

Quite often, these professionals exist as "unsung he- 
roes," performing their difficult jobs year after year 




Dr. Gilbert Lamarre 

without much fanfare and without many "thanks!" 
However, we, the Class of 1984, do want to thank 

three of them at this time for their genuine concern, for 

their careful guidance, for their warm love. 
It is with great honor that we dedicate the 1984 

Masaeksic to Mr. Angelo Teixeira, to Mr. James Climo, 

and to Dr. Gilbert Lamarre. 







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■^p^P**- ■ 


"-T?ll* :*»-•: 

J. i , : , , ; 






During our four years as advisors to 
the class of '84, we have seen enor- 
mous changes in you. We have 
watched and hopefully helped as you 
matured physically, emotionally, and 
intellectually. The experience has 
been a pleasant one. Our class has 
developed a fantastic spirit that re- 
flects your many personalities. You're 
special people. Good luck everyone! 

Class advisors 

Mr. Richard Rediker 

Mrs. Jane Murphy 

i «_ J* 


i ^g ^yi^w 

^^^^^^BR ■"• ^r J^m 




1 > 1 HHI 

■1 *■ 2 ^ J 





On Wednesday nights in Long- 
meadow, many LHS seniors, in- 
stead of watching TV (or doing 
homework), attended class 
council meetings. This surge in the 
interest and attendance was at- 
tributable to the enthusiasm and 
dedication of President Charlie 
Bergin, Executive Vice-President 
Becca Asseo, Committee Vice- 
President Buzzie Hayes, Secretary 
Jen Stone, and Treasurer Mary 
Eickhoff. However, almost all of 
the seniors pitched in to work on 
the class float, the play, the 
prom, and the senior banquet. 
Also, industrious seniors ran many 
successful fundraisers, including 
the sale of Lancer cups and pen- 
nants. Class advisors, Mr. Richard 
Rediker and Mrs. Jane Murphy, 
contributed much time and ener- 
gy, making them an integral part 
in the seniors' success formula. 

1. Class advisor Mr. Rediker 2. Class advi- 
sor Mrs. Murphy 3. Treasurer Mary Eickoff 4. 
Jen Stone helps out 5. President Charlie 
Bergin gives an effective speech 6. Class 
council members 7 A rowdy class council 
meeting 8. Committee V.P. Buzzie Hayes 
9. Beth Dannay has a bright idea 10. Class 
advisors and seniors participate in a 

No bird soars too high, 
if he soars with his 
own wings. 
William Blake 



i-.'iBBp^iPP' IflflVjM 

■ j 



W***" ^Wnh 

L "* ' «1 

Barbara Glinski 

David Siegel 

Eric Brunette 

Janine Barkett 

Randy Jennings 

Todd Fonner 

Elisa Graff 

Betty Koszorowski 

. . . The woods are lovely, dark 

and deep, 
But I have promises to keep. 
And miles to go before I sleep, 
And miles to go before I sleep. 
Robert Frost 

A shared, timeless happiness, 
Conveyed by a smile, 
A wave of the hand. 
Thanks to those who have 
Taught me this. 
Thanks to the days which 

Taught me this. 

Steve Holbrook 

Kitsey Rigby 

Dana Hammett 

Bill Florio 

Ellen Gafter 

David Cichocki 

* *"^K : " 


'■VH^* '"<& ;* ■ 

•gp "^&, ' 



'-3 £ 




l v « 





Scott Magnacca 

Rebecca Asseo 

Helen Knights 

It makes no sense to 

hurry up. 
And so mess up, what I 

am doing 
Now in order to get 

started in 
What I plan to do next. 
Hugh Prathers 

Do not follow where 
the path may lead. 
Go, instead, where 
there is no path, 
and leave no trail. 

David Bassett 

Sandy Monks 


Tony Santiago 

Marcy Dobkin 

Far away there in the 
sunshine are my highest 
aspirations. I may not 
reach them, but I can look 
up and see their beauty, 
believe in them, and try to 
follow where they lead. 
Louisa May Alcott 

Richard Hickling 

Imagine no possessions, 
I wonder if you can. 
No need for greed or hunger, 
A brotherhood of man. 
Imagine all the people, 
Sharing all the world . . . 
You may say I am a dreamer. 
But I am not the only one. 
I hope some day you will join us. 
And the world will be as one. 
John Lennon 

Dan Hebert 

Robert Felici 

Dan Bowen 

% w 

— * 

Dana Campagna 

Karen Collins 

Laura Hyman 




Mike Daly 

Bethany Perkins 

Robyn Murphy 

Sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset 
swiftly fly the years 
one season following another 
laden with happiness and tears, 
sunrise, sunset. 

Mary Jo Daly 

Joe Franson 

This is not the end; 
This is not even the 
Beginning of the end; 
It is, rather, the 
End of the beginning. 
Winston Churchill 

Larry Paquette 

Beth Herman 


F /> 


Larry O'Brien 

Matt Naughton 

Peter Huber 



,^^W \i 

|# * * %. 


Wjtir "OBf -. 


' *«c 

V ; 


Kerry Flanagan 

* -3* ** | 


Mike Molitoris 

If you dream it, you can 

achieve it. 
If you can imagine it, you can 

become it. 
A.L. Tennyson 

Andrea Molinari 

Beth Paley 

All to myself I think of you 
think of the things we used to do, 
think of the things we used to say, 
think of each happy by gone day. 
Sometimes I sigh, and sometimes I 

But I keep each older, golden 

All to myself. 
W.D. Nesbit 

Kathy Cruz 

Mike Freed 

Connie Leavitt 





Kate Lantz 

Ron Baranoski 

Larry Hochberg 

Carrie Hayes 

Lisa Kuerzel 

John Diamond 

Hitch your wagon to a star 

John Connor 

Blackbird fly, Blackbird fly 
Into the light of the dark black 

Blackbird singing in the dead of 

Take these broken wings and 

learn to fly 
- Beatles 

Bruce Bergman 

Stephanie Ruby 

Paul Silvestri 

Lisa Bettigole 


Children laugh because 

The sun is shining 

So do I 

People cry because the 

Sun shines brighter on others 

So do I 

Wise men laugh because the 

Sun is the same to all 

So do I 

I am life 

John Diamond 


Scott Rubin 

Beth Dannay 

Joanna BuonflgMo 

Joel Wun 

Mary Eickhofl 

Tom Flayhan 



Ned Matson 

Kim Laakso 





Cathy Nebel 










If the day and the night 

are such 
That you greet them 

with joy . . . 
That is your success. 

Kathy Keady 

Joe Dasco 

Beth Castagna 

Ray Glasgow 

Cindy Friedmann 

Bethany Leonovich 

Jeff Rehbein 

Climb high 
Climb far 
Your goal the sky 
Your aim the star 

You just call out my name 
And you know wherever I am, 
I'll come running to see you again. 
Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, 
All you've got to do is call, 
And I'll be there, yes I will, You've 
got a friend. 
James Taylor 

Patricia Young 

This above all; 
To thine own self be true. 

Rachel Chapdelaine 

Tracey Williams 

Good day sunshine, good day 
sunshine, good day sunshine. 

I need to laugh, and when the sun 
is out, 

I've got something I can laugh 

I feel good in a special way 

I'm in love, and it's a sunny day. 



^^^f j 




im. Ck % 

* •* ^^fl 

L. -« 

i] ^^f^L' 

j JH 

™ 1 


w / 


Donna Brooks 


Joseph Casella 

Julie Ann Roberts 

Leslie Weinberg 

William Golaskl 

Lauren Kittredge 

Inez Friedman 

Susan Meier 


ft **jr 

~^i- 1 

*jm^ y^ i 

1 * 




Andy Demirjian 

Laurie Falk 

v 'v ^'■Li* ■■£ ' Bft : S' 


Jj Ik J 

^t^. ™ 


To accomplish great things, you 
must not only act, but also 
dream, not only plan, but also 

It you have built castles in the 
air, your work need not be 
lost - put foundations under 

Believing is magic. 

Christine Higgins 

It takes a second to say goodbye 
Push the button and pull the plug, 
Say goodbye . . . 
They're doing the atomic bomb, 
Do they know where the dance 

comes from? 
Yes they're doing the atomic 

They want you to sing along. 
Say goodbye, say goodbye. 

1*» 5». 


Karen Haskin 

Lisa Zundell 


[ > ^ 1 


L| ■< 

« BL_ 


m W 


^^ >8 



l^ y / vm^m 

Tom Coburn 

Brad Mayo 

jf / 

Maureen Stachowicz 

Pam Schwartz 

John Minardi 

Steven Resmc 

Wayne Groncki 

Margie Sutton 

Seth Potter 

John Sheehan 

Stay young, keep your wheels in 

You've got everything that you 

Stay young with your Rock and 

'Cause the best things in life are 

Jonathan Edwards 

Kathy Collaro 

Susan Zuzgo 

Paul Stolar 

When the night has been too 
lonely and the road has been 
too long and you think that 
love is only for the lucky and 
the strong, just remember in the 
winter, far beneath the bitter 
snow lies the seed that with the 
sun's love, in the spring 
becomes the rose. 
Bette Midler 


John Geanacopoulos 

Marianne Caviston 

Adam Zerooglan 

Martin Banson 

Marcie Leopold 


Tim McGuire 

George Decandio 


<$$* * 

1 ^* I 




Beth Maurer 

Julie Reboulet 


John Withers 

The thrill is not just in winning, 
but in the courage to join the 

Beth Favreau 

To grow is to change. 

And to have changed often 

is to have grown much. 

William Feist 

Bill Bagshaw 





Ik k 





Todd Stafford 

Gary Siegel 

Paul Reber 

Maureen Scanlon 

Jay Tillman 

Jennifer Bechle 

Jim Walker 



Larry Stone 

The road goes ever on and on 
Down from the door where it began. 

Now far ahead the road has gone, 
And I must follow, if I can, 
Pursuing it with weary feet, 
Until it joins some larger way, 
Where many paths and errands - 

And whither then? I cannot say. 
J. R. R. Tolkein 

Kim Eppes 

Tiara Zuzgo 

For all the good times, 

sad times, silly sentimental times 

we've shared- 

I celebrate you, my friend. 

Jennifer Fonner 

Kathy Collaro 

Robin Perlman 

Rachel Kittredge 


Chris Sterba 

A,. . J 

Tim Mulcahy 



U* ** i 


1 ^W' 



Steve Hegarty 

Dawn Dorschel 

Maureen Connor 

Neil August 

Buffy Scott 

The world goes up, 
and the world goes down, 
and the sunshine follows the 
rain, and yesterday's frown 
can never come again. 

Michael Chandler 

Mark Leary 

In the morning 
in the evening 
Ain't we got fun 

Jeff Alsberg 

Adrienne Torrey 

Matt Tyson 

Calli Fusaro 

Rick Feist 

Arthur Theocles 

Hillary Sisitsky 

Craig Werman 

You can't always get 
what you want, 
but if you try sometimes, 
you just might find, 
you get what you need. 
Rolling Stones 

Roland Wu 

Peter Murphy 


November 19th was the date, and the 
Longmeadow High School football field was 
the location for the 1983 edition of the annual 
Daisy-Weed game. Alhtough both teams 
were excellent, the Weeds, sparked by out- 
standing offensive play, romped to an 8-0 
triumph. Cathy Nebel scored the decisive 
touchdown, and Kerry Flanagan converted for 
two extra points. The high quality of game 
play was due to the excellent coaching: Matt 
Henshaw, Will Masi, Matt Naughton, and Jim 
Fricchione led the Daisies, while John Sheehan, 
Mike Dallape, Casey Hanafin and John Nyman 
spurred the Weeds to victory. Other senior 
guys added excitement by donning cheer- 
leader outfits, complete with "correct" body 
proportions. The Daisy-Weed game was a ter- 
rific day for everyone, adding spirit and unity 
to the senior class of 1984. 

You're never given a 
dream without the power 
to make it come true. 

Chris O'Connor 

Natalie Savich 


Monte Miller 

John Roncalli 

Debbie Burke 

Maura Skelly 

Erik Weisman 

Eric O'Brien 

Lisa Lundy 

Brian McLaughlin 

Leaving's not an easy 

Sometimes to leave all the 

you know behind. Turn 

Turn around, Turn around. 
Aztec Two Step 

Dan Herzig 

Bill Swan 

"The more we live, more brief 
appear our life's succeeding 
stages: A day to childhood 
seems a year, and years like 
passing ages ..." 
Thomas Campbell 

Jeff Wilks 

Jodi Lieber 

Vincent Guertin 

Leslie Slater 

Dawn Muchmore 

For we are the music makers, and we 
are the dreamers of dreams. 

William Bailey 

If you don't understana 

my silence, 

then you will never 


my words. 

Anne Davidson 

Melanie Bach 

David Hare 

Kathy Ahrens 

Ed Watson 

Bob Lee 

Jen Stone 

John Hoyt 


f : 

Fredda Birenbaum 

Many thoughts run through 

my mind 
I'm content, yet confused 
And anxious to find 
What's waiting ahead 
And what I've left behind. 
Laura Hyman 

Brad Andrews 

Frank Rizzo 

"It was the best of 
times ..." 

Kim Whinnem 

John Paige 

Lee Andrews 

Laurie Ristino 

S V r 

Dana Higgins 


Scott Ward 

"Sometimes you have 
to go a long distance 
out of your way, to 
come back a short dis- 
tance correctly" 

Steven Lendry 

Jenn Wass 

There's a calm at the eye 
of every storm. There's a 
light in the depth of your 
darkness. Let it shine. 
Dan Fogelberg 

Adriana Ramirez 

Jackie Glantz 

Andy Goldberg 

Our memories of yesterday 
Will last a lifetime. 
We'll take the best 
Forget the rest, 
And someday we'll find 
These are the best of times. 

Luc Cools 

Scott Gutstein 








AHRENS, KATHLEEN V.- 35 Lees Lane- Keyette 
President 4; Jazz Ensemble 2,3,4; Concert Band 
1,2,3; Wind Ensemble 4; National Honor Society 
3,4; School Play 4; Senior Class Play; Yearbook 
Advertising Editor 3; Latin Club President 3; Math 
Team 3; Jet Jotter Writer 2; Softball Manager 
1,2; JV Basketball 1,2; Council Representative 
1,2,3; Student Council Member 4; Cookie-baker 
3,4; Hugh O'Brian Leadership Seminar; National 
Merit Semi-Finalist, p. 58 


ALSBERG, JEFF-205 Kenmore Drive-Football 
1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2; Daisy Weeds 4; Senior Class 
Play 4. p. 50 

ANDREWS, BRAD- 19 Allen Rd. p. 59 

ANDREWS, LEE-37 Birnie Road-Hockey 3,4; La- 
crosse 3,4. p. 60 

ANDREWS, LEE-37 Birnie Road-Hockey 3,4; La- 
crosse 3,4; p. 44 

ASSEO, REBECCA-Becca,-330 Merriweather 
Drive-Class Council 1; Treasurer 1,2; Executive 
Vice-President 4; Cheerleading 1,2,3,4; Co-cap- 
tain; Track 1,2; Usher 3; Daisy Weeds 4; Class Play 
4; p. 21 

AUGUST, NEIL-Augie. Keepy, 887 Maple Road- 
Hockey 1,2,3,4; Lacrosse 1,2; Football 1; Intramu- 
ral Football 3,4. p. 49 

BACH, MELANIE-114 Barrington Road. p. 58 

BAGSHAW, BILL-35 Viscount Road. p. 46 

BAILEY, BILL- 109 Greenacre Avenue, p. 57 

BANSON, MARTIN 245 Blueberry Hill Road-Key 
Club 1,2,3; Jet Jotter 3.4; Managing Editor 4; 
National Honor Society 3,4; President 4; Ski Club 
1; Math Team 2,3,4; Class Council 4. p. 44 

BARANOSKI, RON-Hot Rod-38 North Hillside 
Road, South Deerfield. p. 28 

BARBA, MARK-Barbs-54 Circle Road-Football 1; 
Track 1; Touch Football; Hockey 3,4; p. 23 

BARKETT, JANINE-Janine-a-Butt, 79 Hawthorne 
Street-Swimming 1,2,4; Class Council 4; Senior 
Class Play 4; Daisy Weeds 4; Lacrosse Stats 3,4; 
p. 18 

BASSETT, DAVID-35 Birch Road-Cross Country 
1,2,3; Intramural Volleyball 3,4; Ski Club 2; Key 
Club 1,2. p. 22 

BEAR, TRAVIS-73 Ellington Street-Chess Club; 
Debate Club; D8tD Club; Computers; Concert 
Band; Jazz Band; Orchestra; Senior Class Play, p. 

BEAULIEU, JENNY-Curly-371 Maple Road-Soft- 
ball Manager 2; Basketball Manager 3; Daisy 
Weeds 4; Senior Class Play. p. 22 

BECHLE, JENNIFER ANN-Jenn, "J", Becks-15 Ar- 
cadia Street-Ski Club 1,2,4; Keyettes 1,2,3; Sen- 
ior Class Play; Daisy Weeds, p, 47 

BELCHER, BETH-Bertha,-170 Coventry Lane-Field 
Hockey 1,4; Lacrosse 2,4; Daisy-Weeds 4; Senior 

Class Play 4; p. 22 

BELLI, MICHAEL-"Belly"-61 Salem Road-Soccer 

1; Stowefest 3,4; Hockey 2,3,4; Track 3,4. p. 18 

BELLNIER, LISETTE-Lis-Baby, 39 Greenacre Ave- 
nue-Keyettes 1,2,3,4; District Representative; 
Swim Team 2; Concert Chorus 1,2,3; Class Coun- 
cil 4; Gymnastics Manager 2,3,4; Lacrosse Stats 
3,4; Daisy Weeds 4; Senior Class Play 4; Ski Team 
4; p. 25 

BERGIN, CHARLIE-Chuck-93 Northfield Rd.-Base- 
ball 1,2,3,4; Hockey 1,2,3,4; Captain 4; Intramural 
Football 3; Football 4; Leaders 3,4; Key Club 
1,2,3,4; Class President 4; Senior Class Play 4; 
M.C. Variety Show 4; Daisy Weed Cheerleader 
4; M.C. Banquet 4; Announce Football, Basket- 
ball, and Gymnastics 3; Marshall 3; p. 32 

BERGMAN, BRUCE- 86 Coventry Lane- Jet Jotter 
3,4; News Editor 4; Outlet 2,3,4; S.T.O.P. Nuclear 
War 3,4. p. 30 

BETIT, JENNIFER L.-Jen, Mimi-850 Frank Smith 
Rd. -Keyettes 1,2,3; Parliamentarian 4; Class 
Council 3,4; Senior Class Play 4; Daisy Weeds 4; 
NHS 4; p. 62 

BETTIGOLE, LISA- 107 Green Willow Dr.-yearbook 
3; Daisy-Weed 4; Senior Class Play 4. p. 31 

BIRENBAUM, FREDDA-395 Frank Smith Rd. p. 59 

BOND, LAURA 49 Greenacre Ave. -Keyettes 
1,2,3; Daisy-Weeds 4; Student Council 1,4; Senior 
Class Play 4; p. 41 

BOWEN, DAN-Grasshopper, Bowman-38 Fern- 
leaf Ave. -Baseball 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,4; Lead- 
ers Club 3,4; Student Council 4; Senior Class Play; 
Intramural Volleyball 4; Daisy Weed Cheer- 
leader; p. 24 

BRIONES, MARIA-Marv-861 Frank Smith Rd.-AFS 
1; Keyettes 1,2,3,4; NHS 3,4; Vice President 4; 
Track 2; Girls' Chorus 1; Concert Chorus 2; Lyrics 
3,4; Cantori 4; yearbook 3; Underclassmen Editor 
4; Senior Layout; Senior Class Play 4; Daisy 
Weeds 4. p. 27 

BROOKS, DONNA-66 Erskine Dr.-Senior Class Play 
4; Class Council 4; Daisy Weeds 4. p. 40 

BROOKS, JONATHAN-Jon-42 John Mason Rd„ 
Southwick. p. 32 

BROWNSTEIN, BRYNA-53 Inverness Lane-Con- 
cert Band 1 ,2; Concert Chorus 3,4; Drama Club 
1,2.3,4, AFS 3,4; Oklahoma 3; Fiddler on the Roof 
3; King and 1 4; Daisy-Weeds 4; Senior Class Play 
4; p. 63 

BRUNETTE, ERIC-Burnie-73 Allen Rd. -Football 
1,2,3,4; Track 2,3,4; Leaders Club 3,4; Intramural 
Volleyball 4; Stage Crew for Senior Class Play; 
Student Council 4; Daisy Weeds Cheerleader 4; 
p. 18 

BRUNO, BRENDAN- 108 Dover Rd. -Football 1,2,3; 
Track 1,3,4; Lacrosse 2; Leaders 3,4; Intramural 
Football 4; Intramural Volleyball 4; Stage Crew 
for Senior Class Play 4; Student Council 4; Daisy 
Weeds Cheerleader 4; p. 22 


Hill Rd. -Daisy Weeds 4; Student Council; Senior 
Class Play; Ski Club; Keyettes. p. 32 


BURKE, DEBBIE-Burkie-52 South Park Avenue- 
Daisy Weeds 4; Senior Class Play 4. p. 54 

BURKIN, JOHN- 184 Ellington Rd.-Ski Club 1; As 
Schools Match Wits 3; Outlet 3; Yearbook 3; Do- 
mestic Exchange Club 3; Class Council 3; A.F.S. 
3; Variety Show 3. p. 63 

BUTTERFIELD, LISA-Hoser. -28 Farmington Ave- 
nue-Daisy Weeds 4; Senior Class Play. p. 61 

CAIN, BETSY-87 Ellington St. p. 46 

CAMPAGNA, DANA-Smurf-163 Cambridge Cir- 
cle-Keyettes 1,2; Swimming 1; Gymnastics 1,2; 
Cheerleading 3,4; Tennis 2,3,4; Class Council 
1,2,3,4; Daisy Weeds 4; Senior Class Play 4; p. 24 

CARLIER, NATHALIE 105 Longview Dr. -Ex- 
change Student 4; Tennis 4; Keyettes 4. p. 60 

CASELLA, JOE-41 Fairway Dr. -Track 1,2; Outing 
Club 1; Ski Club 1,2; Key Club 3,4; SOMF 1,2,3,4; 
Senior Class Play 4; p. 40 

Drive- Jet Jotter 2,3,4; Features Editor 4; Girls 
Track 1,2; Keyettes 1,2,3,4; Senior Class Play 4; 
Daisy Weeds 4; Cookie Baker 3,4. p. 37 

CAVISTON, MARIANNE B.-Mary Lou-43 Glen- 
wood Circle-Student Council 1,2,4; Keyettes 3,4; 
Secretary 4; J, A. 3,4; Class Play 4; p. 44 

CHAMBERLAND, MICHAEL 28 Druid Circle, p. 36 

CHANDLER, MICHAEL-Mike-110 Reservoir Ave- 
nue, Westfield. p. 49 

CICHOCKI, DAVID-Chocky-221 Deepwoods 
Drive Key Club 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3; Track 2,3,4; 
Cross Country 3; Ski Club 1,2,4; Class Council 4; 
Senior Class Play 4; Leaders Club 3; p. 21 


COBURN, THOMAS-Coby-72 Dartmouth Rd.- 
Basketball 1,2; Baseball 1; p. 42 

COCO, STEPHEN-Rocky,-27 Brittany Rd. -Soccer 
1,2,3,4; Class Council 3,4; Key Club 1,2; Secre- 
tary 3; Lt. Governor 4; SAC 3; Chairman 4; RSAC 
4; SSAC 4; Senior Class Play; MASC convention; 
Band 1; Orchestra 2; Key Club Convention 2,3,4. 
p. 23 


COLELLA, GINA-294 Hopkins Place-Hockey Sta- 
tician 1,2,3,4. p. 38 

COLLARO, KATHLEEN-Kathy-8 Metacomet Rd.- 
Track 1; Soccer Manager 1; Class Council V.P. 
1,2; President 3; Representative 4; Keyettes 1,2; 
S.F.A.C. 1,2,3; S.A.C, 4; Daisy Weeds 4; Senior 
Class Play 4. p. 43 

COLLINS, KAREN J.-Keigh Jeigh-11 Lincoln Rd.- 
Daisy Weeds 4; Senior Class Play; Sign Language 
1.2,3,4; p. 24 

CONNOR, JOHN-56 Hazelwood Ave.-Soccer 
1,2; Skiing 2,3,4; Lacrosse 1,2,3,4; p. 29 


CONNOR, MAUREEN A.-Mo.-33 Highland St. -Girls 
Chorus 1; Concert Chorus 2,3,4; Gypsy 2; Okla- 
homa 3; King and I 4; Outing Club 2,3,4; Secre- 
tary 3; Treasurer 4; Drama Club 2,3,4; AFS 3,4; 
Domestic Exchange Club; Treasurer; Daisy 
Weeds; Senior Class Play; Class Council 3,4. p. 49 

COOLS, LUC-Cool Hand Luc-94 South Park Ave.- 
Gymnastics; Basketball; Tennis; AFS student from 
Belgium, p. 63 

COSENZI, JACKIE- Bee Bee- 143 Inverness Lane- 
Ski Club 1; Keyettes 2; Student Council 1.2,3,4; 
Daisy Weeds 4; Senior Class Play 4; Variety Show 
4. p. 37 

COUTURE, DEMISE 15 Spence St., Springfield, p. 

CRESPO, EDUARDO-90 Wenonah Rd. p. 60 

CRUZ, KATHERINE-Kathy-64 Meadowlark Dr.- 
Cheerleading 2,3,4; Daisy Weeds 4. p. 28 

CUMMINGS, EDWARD J.-Ned, E.J. -108 Green- 
acre Ave. -Soccer 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3.4; 
Captain 3; Baseball 1,3,4; Key Club 1,2,3,4; Vice- 
President 4; Leader 3,4; Senior Class Play 4; Class 
Council 4. p. 31 

CURTIS, COLLEEN 57 Clairmont St.-Track 1,2; 
Basketball Manager 2; Outing Club 1; Class 
Council 1,2.3,4; Daisy Weeds 4; Senior Class Play 
4. p. 32 

CURTO, CHRISTOPHER-Curt-79 Westmoreland 
Ave. -Rifle Team 1; Swimming 1. p. 62 

DABBS, ROBERT-Rob-281 Converse St.-Rifle 
Team 1; Track 2; Gymnastics 3,4; Outing Club 
2,3,4; President; Eagle Scout, p. 30 

DABOUL, KRISTINA-Kris-85 Hawthorne St.-Class 
Council 1,2,3,4; JV Swim Team 2; Daisy Weeds 4; 
Senior Class Play 4; Yearbook 4; Keyettes 1,2,3. 
p. 20 

DALLAPE, MICHAEL 4 Hillcrest Ave.-Football 
1,2.3.4; Baseball 1,2.3,4; Basketball 1,2; Daisy 
Weeds Coach 4. p. 27 

DALY, MARY 40-120 Greenacre Ave. p. 25 

DALY, MICHAEL-Mike-33 Meadowbrook Rd.- 
Soccer 3,4; Captain 4; Key Club 3,4; SWAT 4; 
Class Council 4; Senior Class Play 4. p. 24 

DANNAY, ELIZABETH Beth Curlie-263 Burbank 
Rd.-Band 1,2,3,4; Keyettes 1,2,3,4; Board Mem- 
ber 3,4; School Play 3,4; Class Council 1,2,3,4; 
Senior Class Play 4; Weeds 4. p. 31 

DASCO, JOE- 194 Colony Rd.-Wrestling 2,3,4. p. 

DAVIDSON, ANNE 42 Glen Brook Lane-J.V. Soc- 
cer Team 3; J.V. Softball 1,2; Keyettes 1,2,3,4; 
Jet Jotter 3,4; Gypsy 2; Oklahoma 3; National 
Honor Society 3,4; Masacksic Senior Staff 4; Ski 
Club 1; Senior Class Play 4; Daisy-Weeds 4; Track 
4; p. 58 

DAVITT, CATHLEEN-Cathy, Davitt-840 Frank 
Smith Rd. -Soccer 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Soft- 
ball 1,2,3,4; Jet Jotter 3; Sports Editor 4; Daisy 

Weeds 4; Class Council 4; Senior Class Play 4. p. 

DECANDIO, GEORGE 31 Dunsany Dr. p. 45 

DEMIRJIAN, ANDY-Demo-233 Ardsley Rd.-Tennis 
2; Key Club 1,2,3,4; Duke Burkle's Big Band 2,3; 
Class Council 2,3; Mikey's Flaming Jazz Entrage 
4; Western District Jazz Ensemble 3; Intramural 
Volleyball 4. p. 41 

DEMONE, GRETCHEN 585 Longmeadow St.- 
Keyettes 1,2; Class Council 3.4; Softball 1,2,3,4; 
Daisy Weeds 4; Senior Class Play; S.T.O.P.; Ex- 
change Trip to England 3. p. 21 

DIAMOND, JOHN- 161 Meadowlark Dr. p. 29 

DIENI, DAVID 83 Berwick Rd.-Band 2,3,4; Wind 
Ensemble 1; Jazz Band 2,3,4; Gypsy 2; Oklahoma 
3; The King and I 4; Western District 1,2,3,4; All 
State 1,3,4; Variety Show 2. p. 30 

DINOIA, MARK S.-Squal Puck-59 King Philip Dr.- 
Track 1,2. p. 39 

DOBKIN, MARCY LEE-Shmona Duck-579 Laurel 
St. -Guys and Dolls 1; Gypsy 2; Oklahoma 3; King 
and I 4; Come Blow Your Horn 2; Louder I Can't 
Hear You-director; Drama Club 1,2,3; Drama 
Club Secretary; Concert Chorus 2,3,4; Lyrics 3,4; 
Western District Choir 3; All State Choir 3; Girls 
Chorus 1. p. 23 

DONAHUE, L. RENEE-15 Dartmouth Rd.-Keyettes 
2,3,4; Track 1; Soccer 2; Daisy Weeds 4; Class 
Play 4; Class Council 3,4. p. 36 

DORSCHEL, DAWN-Dorsh, Bunny- 1083 Frank 
Smith Rd. -Daisy Weeds 4; Senior Class Play 4. p. 

DOW, TIMOTHY TRACY-Timmy. Trace, Wally-46 
Woodland Rd. -Class Council 1,2,3,4; President 
1,2; SFAC 1,2,3; Key Club 4; Senior Class Play 4; 
Soccer 1,2,3,4; Co-Captain 3; Ski Team 1,2,3,4; 
Captain 3,4; Track 1,2,4; Spring Soccer 3,4; p. 25 

EICKHOFF, MARY-216 Blueberry Hill Rd.-Class 
Treasurer 3,4; NHS treasurer 4; Tennis 1,3,4; Band 
1,2,3,4; Keyettes 1,2; Daisy Weeds 4; Class 
Council 2,3,4. p. 33 

EISNER, ALAN- 178 Cootey Dr.-Jazz Ensemble 2; 
Men's Chorus 3; Gypsy 2. p. 27 

ELLIOTT, SUSAN-Suelliott-44 Leetewood-Cross 
Country 1,4; Track and Field 1,2,3,4; p, 32 - 

EPPES, KIM-15 Ladd St., Springfield, p. 47 

FALK, LAURIE ELLEN-Laur, Falker-240 
Tanglewood Dr, -Soccer 1,2; Tennis 1; Class 
Council 1,2,4; Keyettes 1,2,3,4; Jet Jotter 2,3,4; 
Business Manager; Senior Class Play 4; Daisy 
Weeds 4. p. 41 

FANELLI, JOANNE-Juanna, Jo-69 Greenacre 
Ave.-Track 1,2,3,4; Class Council 1,4; NHS 3,4; 
Yearbook Sports Editor; Senior Class Play 4. p. 50 

FAVREAU, BETH-Bertha-232 Maple Rd.-Diving 
1,2; Wrestling Statician 3; Senior Class Play 4; 
Daisy Weeds 4; Class Council 1,2,3,4. p. 45 

FEINBERG, SHEREE-62 Academy Dr. p. 19 

FEINSTEIN, LAURIE 30 Inverness Lane-Feature 
Twirler 1,2,3,4; Girls Chorus 1; Variety Show 
1,2,3,4; Senior Class Play 4. p. 45 

FEIST, RICHARD 753 Frank Smith Rd.-Jet Jotter 
2,3,4. p. 51 

FEIST, BILL-753 Frank Smith Rd. -Soccer 1; Gym- 
nastics 4; Volleyball 3. p. 46 

FELICI, ROBERT-little Romolo-72 Cobble Stone 
Rd.-J.V. Hockey 1; J.V. Golf 1; Varsity Golf 3,4; 
Intramural Volleyball 3,4; Intramural Football 4. p. 

1,2,3,4. p. 36 

Williams St. -Gymnastics 

FITZGERALD, JOSEPH-Fitz-99 Berwick Rd.-Hock- 
ey 1; Wrestling 3,4; Class Play. p. 20 

FITZGIBBONS, KATE-Fitz-476 Longmeadow St.- 
Swimming 1,2,3,4; Captain; Class Council 1,2,4; 
Daisy Weeds 4; p. 30 

FLANAGAN, JEANNE KERRY-Flanny, Kerry -Berry- 

119 Belleclaire Ave. -Basketball 1,2; Captain 3,4; 
Softball 1,2,3,4; Soccer 1,4; Class Council 1,2,3,4; 
Usher 3; Senior Class Play; Leaders Club 4; Daisy- 
Weeds 4. p. 26 

FLATOW, MATTHEW-Deflater Mouth-276 Deep- 
woods Dr.-Key Club 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 1,2; Ski 
Club 1,2,4; Library Aid 1,2,3,4; American Legion 
Boys State 3; Longmeadow Council on Aging 4. 
p. 25 

FRANSON, JOSEPH-Joe-Band 1,2,3,4; Jazz 2,3,4; 
Gymnastics 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 2,3,4; p. 25 

FLAYHAN, TOM-Food Bag-85 Maple Rd. -Foot- 
ball 3; Ski Club 1.2,3,4; T.F.L. 4; Stowefest 3,4; 
Daisy Weeds Cheerleader 4. p. 33 

FLORIO, BILL-UB-309 Williams St .-Key Club 1.2; Ski 
Club 1,2,3,4; Drama Club 1,2,3,4; Lyrics 3,4; Vari- 
ety Show 1,2; Guys and Dolls 1; Gypsy 2; Oklaho- 
ma 3; King and I 4; Senior Class Play 4. p. 20 

FONNER, JENNIFER ANN-Jam-24 Concord Rd.- 
J.V. Swimming 1,2; Daisy Weeds 4; Class Play 4; 
Concert Chorus 2,3,4; Class Council 4; Drama 
Club 3,4; AFS Club 2,4. p. 48 

FONNER, TODD-Toad,-24 Concord Rd.-Class 
Council 1,2,3,4; Key Club 1,2,3,4; AFS 2,4; Soccer 
1,2.3,4; Ski Team 2,3,4; Lyrics 3,4. p. 19 

FREED, MICHAEL-225 Blueberry Hill Rd. -Debate 
Club 1,2; Captain; Outlet 3,4; Chess Club 2,3,4; 
Dungeons and Dragons Club 1,2,3,4; President; 
Key Club 3,4; National Honor Society 3.4; As 
Schools Match Wits 2. p. 28 

FRICCHIONE, JAMES-Jim-Football 1.2,3,4 p. 60 

FRIEDMAN, INEZ-19 Cobblestone Rd.-Keyettes 
2,3; NHS 3,4; Senior Class Play 4. p. 40 

FRIEDMANN, CYNTHIA-Cindy-133 Wild Grove 
Lane-Masacksic 1,2,3,4; Editor-in-Chief 4; Varsity 
Soccer Statistician 2,3; Jet Jotter Artist 3,4; Na- 
tional Honor Society 3,4; Social Secretary 4; Sen- 
ior Class Play 4. p. 37 


FROST, HAYDN-Hades, Jack- 183 Merriweather- 
Swimming 3,4; Key Club 1,2,3,4; p. 33 

FUSARO, CALU-Calhoun-104 Ardsley Rd. -Track 
and Field 2,3,4; Class Council 1,2,3,4; Jet Jotter 
3,4; Daisy Weeds 4; Senior Class Play 4. p, 51 

G AFTER, ELLEN-251 Wolf Swamp Rd. -Swim Team 
1; Track and Field 1,2; Keyettes 2; NHS 3,4; Class 
Council 4. p. 21 

GEANACOPOULOS, JOHN 498 Converse St - 
Freshman Swimming 1; Varsity Swimming 2,3,4; 
Longmeadow Aquatic Club 2,3,4. p. 44 

GIBSON, DEREN-Gibby, Puma-684 Laurel St.-Bas- 
ketball 3,4. p. 21 

GLANTZ, JACOJUEUNE-Jackie, Jack- 18 Sheffield 
Avenue-Keyettes 1,2,3,4; Masacksic 2,3,4; Latin 
Club 3,4; Co-President 4. p. 62 

GLASGOW, RAYFORD-Fisk, Lazy Ray-51 Belle- 
claire Ave. -Football 1,3,4; Lacrosse 2; Variety 
Show 3; Senior Class Play 4; Leader's Club; Base- 
ball 1. p. 37 

GLINSKI, BARBARA J.-Basia,-341 Maple Rd.-Jet 
Jotter 2,3; Keyettes 1,2,3; 2nd Vice-President 4; 
National Honor Society 3,4; Track 2,4; Class Play 
4; Class Council 4. p. 18 


GOLDBERG, ANDREW-Ace-23 Berkeley Dr.-Jet 
Jotter 2.3,4; Key Club 2,3; Tennis Team 3,4. p. 63 

GOLDBERG, JEFF-G'Berg, Sigidima-48 Silver Birch 
Rd. -Football 1,2,3,4; Daisy Weeds 4; Key Club 
1,2; Senior Class Play 4. p. 27 

GORDON, DAVID-Dave-20 Andover Rd. -Basket- 
ball 1,2. p. 45 

GOTLIB, DANIEL-Stiff,-314 Merriweather Dr.-Out- 
ing Club 2,3,4; A.F.S. 4; Debate Team 1. p. 37 


GRANT, ELISA-Lis, Lisa-30 Bel-Air Dr.-Daisy Weeds 
4; Student Council Rep. 1,2,3,4; Senior Play 4. p. 


GRONCKI, WAYNE-Dwayne-5 Pickering St. p. 43 

GUERTIN, VINCENT-20 Raymond Ave., Chico- 
pee. p. 56 


HARE, DAVID-241 Park Dr. p. 58 

HASKIN, KAREN-Chica, Exotique-59 Lawrence 
Drive-Jet Jotter 2,3; Keyettes 1,2,3,4; Treasurer 
4; International Treasurer 4; National Honor Soci- 
ety 3,4; Mentor Program 3; AFS 1,2; Sophomore 
Representative; Concert Chorus 1,2,3; Gypsy 2; 
Guys and Dolls 1; Senior Class Play 4. p. 42 


HAYES, ELIZABETH-Buzzie-312 Blueberry Hill Rd.- 
Class Council 1,2,3,4; Vice President 4; National 
Honor Society 4; Field Hockey 1,2,3; Captain 4 
Usher 3; Basketball 1; Manager 2,3; Softball 1,2 
Captain 3,4; Senior Class Play 4; Daisy-Weeds 4 
Leaders 3,4; p. 22 

HAYES, CARRIE 87 Belleclaire-Senior Class Play 
4. p. 28 

HEALY, MICHAEL 79 Metacomet Road-p. 41 

HEBERT, DANIEL-Heebs-10 Arcadia St.-J.V. 
Hockey 1,2; Intramural Volleyball 2,3,4; Intramu- 
ral Football 2,3,4; Jazz Band 2,3,4. p. 24 

HEGARTY, STEVEN-26 White Oaks Dr.-Soccer 1; 
National Honor Society 4; STOP Nuclear War 3,4; 
Library Assistant 2,3,4. p. 48 

HENSHAW, MATTHEW- 759 Williams St. -Football 
1,2,3.4; Daisy Coach, p. 38 

HERMAN, BETH-Breth of Life, Jack Jr.-20 Green 
Willow Dr.-Guys and Dolls 1; Softball 2; Swimming 
2; Drama Club 2,3,4; Senior Class Play 4; Guid- 
ance 3; Outlet 4. p. 26 


HICKLING, RICHARD 22 Northfield Rd.-Jazz 
Band 3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Football 1. p. 23 

HIGGINS, CHRISTINE-Chris-104 Birchwood Ave.- 
Daisy Weeds 4; Senior Class Play 4; Ski Club 4. p. 


HOCHBERG, LARRY-76 Blokland-Band 1,2,3,4; 
Key Club 1,2,3,4; National Honor Society 4; Daisy 
Weed Cheerleader 4; Senior Class Play 4; Jazz 
Ensemble 3,4. p. 28 

HOLBROOK, STEPHEN-Mainer, Happybrook, Half- 
brook- 144 Riverview Ave. -Football 1,2,3,4; Base- 
ball 1.2,3,4; Indoor Track 1; National Honor Soci- 
ety 4; Senior Class Play 4; Intramural Volleyball 
3,4. p. 20 
HOYT, JONATHAN -60 Hazelwood Ave. -p. 59 

HUBER, PETER-5 Durnham Rd.-p. 26 

HYATT, GEOFFREY- Junior- 10 Oxford Rd, -Chess 
Team 2,3,4; Debate Club 1,2. p. 58 

HYMAN, LAURA 41 Bel- Air Drive-Softball 1,2,3,4; 
Soccer 1,2,3,4; Daisy Weeds 4. p. 24 


JENNINGS, RANDALL 49 Hanover Lane-p. 18 

KEADY, KATHLEEN 16 Meadowbrook Rd. Bas- 
ketball 1,2,3; Lacrosse 2; Daisy Weeds; Senior 
Class Play. p. 36 

KEENEY, STEPHEN- 195 Concord Rd.-p. 25 
KELLY, LISA- 184 Maple Rd. 
KENLER, DEBBIE 60 Green Willow Dr. 
KESSLER, JAMES 6b Arlington Rd.-p. 36 
KITTREDGE, LAUREN-505 Laurel St.-p. 40 

KITTREDGE, RACHEL LISA-Rach, Rachelle-29 Eli- 
zabeth Circle-Tennis 1,2,3,4; Yearbook 2; Copy 
Editor 4; Latin Club President 3,4; NHS 3,4; 
Keyettes 1,2; As School Match Wits 3,4; Daisy 
Weeds 4; Senior Class Play 4; Class Council 3,4. 
p. 48 

KLINGER, CLAUDIA 31 Villa St.-p. 18 

KNIGHTS, HELEN-258 Wolf Swamp Rd.-p. 21 


Springfield-p. 19 

BETTY- 144 Mallowhill Rd. 

KUERZEL, LISA-Kuerzey, Lis-6 Chatham Rd.-Soc- 
cer 1,2„4; Senior Class Play 4; Track 1,2,3; Indoor 
Soccer 2,3; Class Council 3,4; Daisy Weeds 4; 
Basketball Manager 2; Keyettes 1,2,3. p. 29 

KUSIAK, SARAH-28 Brittany Rd. -Field Hockey 
1,2,3; Track 3,4; Daisy Weeds; Class Council 
1,2,3,4; Senior Class Play. p. 50 

LAAKSO, KIM-Sisu-162 Crescent Rd.-Yearbook 
1,2.3,4; NHS 4; Soccer 2,3; Basketball 2,3; Track 
1,2; Leaders Club 3,4; Daisy Weeds 4; Senior 
Class Play 4; Class Council 1,2,3,4, p. 33 

LAJOII, MARC-138 Maple Rd. -Hockey 1,2,3,4; 
Lacrosse 2; Intramural Football 4; Senior Class 
Play 4; Student Council 1,2,3,4. p. 19 

LANTZ, KATE-Lancer-878 Longmeadow St.- 
Class Council 1,2,3,4; Soccer 1,2,3; Captain 4; 
Skiing 1,2,3; Captain 4; Lacrosse 1,2,3,4; Daisy 
Weeds; Class Play 4; Usher 3. p. 28 

LASTER, LISA-88 Pinewood Dr. -p. 39 

LAUTERWASSER, DEBBIE Ski Team 1.2. p. 32 

LAWSON, MELINDA-Bea, Melvin-87 Birchwood 
Ave.-Class Council 1,2,3,4; Field Hockey 1,2,3; 
Captain 4; Basketball 1; Lacrosse 1,2,3,4; Class 
Play 4; Daisy Weeds 4; Leaders Club 3,4. p. 27 

LEARY, MARK-580 Laurel St.-p. 49 

LEAVITT, CONNIE 99 Pinewood Dr.-p. 28 

LEE, ROBERT HYUKJAE-Bob-7 Williston Dr.-Soc- 
cer 1,2,3,4; NHS 3,4; STOP Nuclear War 3,4; La- 
crosse 2; Student Council 4; Intramural Volley- 
ball, p. 59 

LENDRY, STEVEN-265 Merriweather Dr.-p. 61 

LEONOVICH, BETHANY-383 Frank Smith-Swim- 
ming 1,2,3,4; Daisy Weeds 4. p. 37 

LEOPOLD, MARCIE-210 Meadowlark Dr. -Gym- 
nastics 1,2,3,4. p.44 

LIEBER, JODI-Lillie-20 Edward Circle-Chorus 
1,3,4; Drama Club 2,3,4; Exchange Concert 1,4; 
Damn Yankees 4; Future Nurses Club 1; Outlet 4; 
Fiddler on the Roof 3. p, 56 

LUNDY, LISA-40 Brooks Rd.-p. 55 

MAGNACCA, SCOTT-63 Osceola Lane-p. 21 

MANN, MICHELLE- 1057 Maple Road-Daisy 
Weeds, p. 18 

MARSHALL, LISA-61 Girard Ave., Springfield- 
Drama Club 2,4; S.T.O.P. 3,4; Chorus 3,4; Track 
2,3,4; The King and I 4; Damn Yankees 4. p. 49 

MASI, WILLIAMS Canterbury Lane-Swimming 
1,2,3,4; Daisy Weeds Cheerleader 4; Football 
1,2,3.4; Lacrosse 1.2.3,4. p. 61 

MATSON, NED-86 Farmington Ave. -Lacrosse 
1,2,3,4. p. 33 

MAURER, ELIZABETH-Rona, Beth- 143 Tedford 
Dr. -Drama Club 2,3,4; The Real Inspector Hound 
2; Oklahoma 3; Louder, I Can't Hear You 3; The 


King and 1 4; Vice President of Drama Club; Track 
2; Lyrics 4; Concert Chorus 2.3. p. 45 


MCGUIRE, TIM-50 Chatham Rd. -Swimming 
1.2.3,4. p. 45 

MCLAUGHLIN, BRIAN 62 Chatham Rd.-Lacrosse 
1.2,3.4. p. 55 

MCMANUS, EILEEN-Leenie, Leener. Ike. 1-291 
Bliss Rd.-AFS 2,3.4; Vice President 4; Outing Club 
2,3.4; Swimming 1; Drama Club 1,2,3,4; Tales and 
Things 1; Gypsy 2; Come Blow Your Horn 2; The 
Real Inspector Hound 2; Oklahoma 3; Louder I 
Can't Hear You 3; The King and I 4; Senior Class 
Play 4; Daisy Weeds 4; Ski Club 1,2,3,4; Class 
Council 4. p. 23 

MCNAIR, TIMOTHY-Mick-193 Longmeadow St.- 
Football 1; Intramural Football; Intramural Basket- 
ball; Senior Class Play. p. 31 

MCNAMARA, LYNN-49 Dover Road-p. 23 

MEARA, SCOTT-Scoots-94 South Park Ave.-JV 
Hockey 1; Varsity Hockey 2,3,4; Lacrosse 1,2,4; 
TFL 4. p. 23 

MEIER, SUSAN-Daisy Weeds 4; Senior Class Play, 
p. 40 

MICUCCI, JACKY-Micooch-204 Wolf Swamp 
Rd, -Class Council 1,2,3,4; Soccer Manager 1; 
Daisy Weeds 4. p. 41 


MINARDI, JOHN-26 Bellecfaire Ave. -p. 42 

MOLINARI, ANDREA-Andi, Anj, Myrtle, Tweetie- 
501 Maple Rd. -Drama Club 1,2,3,4; Girl's Chorus 
1; Girl's Concert Chorus 2,3; Lyrics 4; I Cantori 4; 
Guys and Dolls 1; Gypsy 2; Oklahoma 3; Pilgrim 
Fellowship 1,3; Senior Class Play 4. p. 27 

MOLITORIS, MICHAEL 38 Hanover Lane-Football 
1,2.3,4. p. 26 

MONKS, SANDY-174 Green Hill Rd.-Drama Club 
1.2,3,4; Tales and Things 1; King and I 4; Ski Club 
1 ,4; Senior Class Play 4; Daisy Weeds 4; Spain Trip 
4; Class Council 4; A.F.S. 3,4; P.F. 2,3,4. p. 22 

MOSER, JANET- 105 Whitmun-Track 1,2,3,4; Daisy 
Weeds, p. 29 


MULCAHY, TIM-45 Duxbury Lane-Cross Country 
2,3,4. p. 48 

MURPHY, PETER-Murph-21 Crescent Rd.-lntra- 
mural Football 3; Hockey 1,2,3,4. p. 51 

MURPHY, ROBYN-Beena-72 Allen Rd. -Track 
1,2,3; Soccer 2,3; Daisy Weeds 4; Senior Class 
Play. p. 25 

NAUGHTON, MATT-Naughty-75 Churchill Dr.- 
Football 1,2,3,4; Track 1,3,4; Basketball 1; Key 
Club 1; Daisy Coach 4; Volleyball 4. p. 26 

NEBEL, CATHY-227 Farmington Ave. -p. 33 

NYMAN, JOHN-21 Greenmeadow Rd.-p. 58 

O'BRIEN, ERIC-98 Lincoln Park-p. 55 


Ave. -p. 54 

O'REILLY, JOHN- Archie, Riles-32 Wendover Rd.- 
Baseball 1; Football 1,2,3. p. 56 

ORMSBY, DEBORAH 101 Benedict Terrace-p. 36 

OUELLETTE, ALICIA-Lush-58 Pleasantview Ave.- 
Track 1,2,3,4; Basketball 2,3; Keyettes 1,2,3; 
Class Council 1,2,4; NHS 4; Masacksic Activities 
Editor 3,4; Daisy Weeds 4; Class Play 4. p. 20 


PALEY, BETHANNE-90 Knollwood Circle-Daisy 
Weeds 4; Softball 3,4; Senior Class Play 4. p. 27 

PAQUETTE, LAWRENCE Larry Matt, Jim, Captain 
Cannabis-259 Kenmore Drive-Gymnastics 
1,2,3,4; Captain 3,4; Track 3,4; Leaders Club 3,4; 
Intramural Volleyball 3,4, p. 26 

PARKER, BRENDA-90 Greenacre Ave.-p. 31 


PERKINS, BETHANY-Perks-122 Hiilcrest-Class 
Council 1,2,3,4; Field Hockey 1; Daisy Weeds 4; 
Senior Class Play 4. p. 25 

PERLMAN, ROBYN-Bob-87 Brookwood Dr.-p. 48 

POTTER, SETH-Potts-16 Merriweather Dr. -Key 
Club 1,2,3,4; Soccer 4; NHS; Track 2,3,4; Basket- 
ball 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Daisy Weed Cheer- 
leader, p. 43 

QUINN, LISA- 130 South Avenue-Cheerleading 
2,3; Captain 4; Daisy Weeds 4; Senior Class Play 
4. p. 33 

RABINOWITZ, WENDY-94 Cooley Dr. -Daisy 
Weeds 4. p. 36 

RADDING, JENNIFER-Jenny. Hennyfah-248 
Green Hill Rd. -Yearbook 2,3,4; Drama Club 
1,2,3,4; Senior Class Play Director 4; Daisy Weeds 
4; Gypsy 2; Oklahoma 3; King and I 4; Comedies 
2,3,4; Variety Show 3,4; NHS 4; Keyettes 2,3,4; 
Class Council 1,2,3,4. p. 19 

RAMIREZ, ADRIANA Frank Smith Rd. -Daisy 
Weeds 4; Senior Class Play 4. p. 62 

RANSOM, JAMES-"J"-104 Longmeadow St.- 

Chess Club 1; Volleyball 2,3; Class Council 2. p. 


RAVOSA, RICKY-46 Hawthorn St.-p. 41 

REBER, PAUL-35 Roseland Terrace, p. 46 

REBOULET, JULIE-223 Kenmore Dr.-p. 45 

REHBEIN, JEFF47 Arcadia-St.-p. 37 

RESNIC, STEVE-151 Meadowlark Dr.-Jazz Ensem- 
ble 2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4,; Lyrics 3,4; Oklahoma 3; 
King and I 4; National Honor Society 4. p. 43 

RIGBY, CATHARINE-Kitsey-80 Cheshire Drive- 
Yearbook 3; Sales Editor 3,4; Outlet Editor-in- 
Chief 4; Concert Chorus 2,3; AFS 1,2,3; Mentor 
Program 1,2,3; Senior Class Play 4; ASMW 2,3,4; 
Billerica Trip 3; NHS 4. p. 20 

RIBBLE, JENNIFER 288 Kenmore Dr.-Lyrics 3,4; 
Cantori 3,4; Oklahoma 3; The King and 1 4; Drama 
Club 2,3,4; National Honor Society 4. p. 61 

RIOUX, SUZANNE-Suzi-187 Wimbleton Dr.-p. 44 

RISTINO, LAURIE 51 Birch Rd. -Soccer 1,2,3; Track 
1,2,3,4; JV Basketball 2; NHS 4; Keyettes 1,2,3,4; 
Vice President 4; Inernational Project Chair 4; 
Daisy 4; King and I; Damn Yankees; Yearbook 3. 
p. 61 

RIZZO, FRANK-857 Longmeadow St. p, 59 

ROBERTS, JULIE ANN-J, Jules-22 Hilltop Rd. -Class 
Council 3,4; Yearbook 1,2,3,4; Faculty Editor 3; 
Editor-in-chief 4; Keyettes 1,2,3,4; Board Mem- 
ber 3,4; Senior Class Play 4. p. 40 

RODOLAKIS, JAMES- 23 Exeter Ave.-p. 38 

RONCALLI, JOHN- 108 King Philip Dr.-p. 54 

ROSENKRANZ, BRIAN-325 Pinewood Dr. p. 38 

ROSENTHAL, AMY-Ame, Amykins, Soleil-95 
Cheshire Dr. -Keyettes 1,2,3,4; Class Council 3,4; 
Girls Track and Field 1,2,3,4; National Honor Soci- 
ety 4; AFS 4; Daisy 4; Senior Class Play 4. p. 50 

ROTH, ALEXANDER-Alexius-71 Woodsley Rd.- 
Key Club 1,2,3,4; President 4; NHS 3,4; Drama 
Club 2,3; Yearbook 2; NFU; Leaders Club 3,4; 
Jazz Ensemble 3,4; Wind Ensemble 1,2,3,4. p. 62 

ROWE, DANNY 81 Albemarle Rd.-p. 39 

RUBIN, SCOTT-Scoots-154 Brookwood Dr.-Foot- 
ball 1,2,3,4; Intramural Volleyball 3,4; Class Rep. 
1,2; Senior Class Play 4; Leaders Club 3,4. p. 31 

RUBY, STEPHANIE 85 Meadowlark Dr.-Track 1,2; 
Keyettes 1,2,3; Yearbook 3; NHS 4; Senior Class 
Play. p. 30 

SADAK, JOE- 126 Berwick Rd. -Football 1,3; Class 
Council 4; Key Club 2,3,4. p. 56. 

SADAK, JOHN- 126 Berwick Rd.-Football 1,2,3,4; 
Ski Club 1,2. p. 60 

SANTIAGO, ANTONIO-Tony-252 Pinewood Dr. p. 

SARNOFF, TODD-Noodle-237 Greenhill Rd.-Soc- 
cer 1,2,3,4; Ski Club 1; Key Club 2,3,4; Class 
Council 4; Senior Class Play. p. 30. 

SAVICH, NATALIE-Nat, Natalia, Tasia- Track 
1,2,3,4; Soccer 2,3; Cross Country 4; Keyettes 
1,2,3,4; Daisy 4; Class Play 4; NHS 3, Secretary 4. 
p. 54 

SCANLON, MAUREEN-Pookie, Moe-37 Home- 
stead Blvd. p. 47 

SCHAFER, PETER- 35 Warwick St. p. 57 

SCHMUTZ, STACEY-Spacey, Eskimo, Twiggy-50 
Lawnwood Ave, p. 56 

SCHWARTZ, CARY-181 Magnolia Circle-Tennis 
1,2.3,4; Chess Club 2,3,4; Soccer 1. p. 57 

SCHWARTZ, PAMELA-Pam, Wammer-Jammer- 
41 Willett Dr.-Class Council 1,2,3,4; Keyettes 1,2; 
Track 1; Basketball 2; Swim Team Manager 3,4; 
Daisy-weeds 4; Senior Class Play. p. 42 


SCOTT, ELIZABETH-Buffy, Foon, Buffums, Buffels- 
33 Allen Rd.-Class Council 1,2,3,4; Keyettes 1,2; 
NHS 4; Daisy-weeds 4; Basketball 2; Cheerlead- 
ing 1,2; Senior Class Play; Softball Manager 2. p. 

SHAPIRO, GLENN-Shap-109 Canterbury Ln. -Soc- 
cer 12; Wrestling 4. p. 60 

SHEEHAN, JOHN-Football 12,3, Captain 4; La- 
crosse 2,3,4; Baseball 1; Basketball 1 Weeds' 
coach 4; Senior Class Play. p. 43. 

SHERBURNE, BETH-24 Birnie Rd.-Concert Band 
12. p. 19. 

SIEGEL, DAVID-Seegs, Byron-69 Morningside Dr.- 
Baseball 1,3,4; Soccer 1,2; Intramural Football 
3,4. p. 18. 

SIEGEL, GARY-1118 Frank Smith Rd. p. 46 

SIEGEL, ROBERT-Seegs-69 Morningside Dr. -Base- 
ball 1,3,4; Soccer 12; Intramural Volleyball 3,4; 
Intramural Football 3,4; Intramural Basketball 3. p. 

SILVESTRI, PAUL-29 Wimbleton Dr. -Soccer 
12,3,4. p. 31 

SISITSKY, HILLARY-Bruizer-Class Council 1,2,3,4; 
Daisy-weeds 4; Senior Class Play 4; Keyettes 
1,2,3. p. 51 

SKELLY, MAURA- 139 Hawthorne St. -Daisy- 
Weeds 4; Swim Team 1,2,3,4. p. 54 

SLATER, LESLIE-Lester-88 Redfern Dr. -Swimming 
12,3, Captain 4; Soccer 2; Class Council 2,3,4; 
Keyettes 1,2; NHS 4; Daisy Weeds 4; Senior Class 
Play. p. 57 

SOMMER, MARLENE-113 Albermarle Rd. p. 38 


STACHOWICZ, MAUREEN 85 Pioneer Dr. p. 42 

STAFFORD, TODD- 15 Villa St. p. 46 

STERBA, CHRIS-Sterbs-120 Northfield Rd. -Soccer 
1,2,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 3,4; Jet Jotter 
13,4; Editor-in-Chief; As Schools Match Wits 3,4; 
Leaders 3,4; Key Club 4; N.H.S. 4; Cross-Country 
3. p. 48 

STOCKHAMER, JACKLYN-Jackie-90 Windsor PL- 
Girls Chorus 1; Concert Chorus 2,3,4; Drama Club 
3; Treasurer 4; Gypsy 2; Oklahoma 3; "The King 
and I" 4; Senior Class Play 4; "Fiddler on the 
Roof" 3; Daisy-Weeds 4. p. 57 

STOLAR, PAUL-29 Meadow Rd. p. 43 

STONE, JENNY-Toes-357 Merriweather Dr. Dai- 
sey-Weeds 4; Class Play 4; Track 2,3,4; Class 
Council 12,3,4; Class Secretary 2,3,4; Yearbook 
Staff 2,3,4; Photo Editor 3,4; Marshall 3. p. 59 

STONE, LAWRENCE-Bummy, Teddy Bear- 120 
Bliss Rd. -Football 1,2,3,4; Hockey 1,2; Intramural 
Volley Ball 3. p. 47 

STONE, MARK-Stimy-64 Hillcrest 
Country 1,2; Track 1 p. 56 

Ave. -Cross 

SUHS, DARIN The Doctor-81 Cedar Rd. -Track 
12,3,4; Key Club 1,2,3; 1st Vice President 4; Ski 
Club 3,4; Senior Class Play 4; Class Council 4. p. 

SUNA, ESRA-125 Hillcrest Ave.-Afs 4; Tennis 4; 
Keyettes 4. p. 62 

SUTTON, MARGARET-Margie, Borky-145 Willow 
Brook Rd.-Cheerleading 2,3,4; Captain 4; Daisy- 
Weeds 4; Senior Class Play 4. p. 43 

SWAN, WILBUR -Bi II, Swanee-99 Oxford Rd. -Soc- 
cer 1,2,3,4; Ski Team 2,3,4; Lacrosse 1,2,3,4; Key 
Club 1,2,3,4. p. 55 

SZYMCZYK, RAYMOND-74 Dunsany Dr. p. 63 

TAZZINI, CHRISTINE 225 Tanglewood Dr.-Soft- 
ball 1,2,3,4; Soccer 3,4; AFS 1; Daisy-Weeds 4. p. 

THEOCLES, ARTHUR-AT-107 Albemarle Rd.- 
Track 1,2,3,4; Intermural Football 4; Cross Coun- 
try 3,4; Yearbook 4. p. 51 

TICK, MELISSA SARA-Missy, Muz- 104 Willow 
Brook Rd. -Keyettes 1,2; Track 3; Jet Jotter 3,4; 
Daisy-Weeds 4. p, 38 

TILLMAN, JAY-Jay-81 Laurel La. -Track 2,3,4; Jet 
Jotter 3,4. p. 47 

TITUS, PAUL- 165 Prynnwood Rd. -Football 1 
Baseball 1; Tennis 2,3,4; Jazz Ensemble 2,3,4; Dis- 
trict Jazz Ensemble 3; Band 1,2,3,4; Lyrics 4; 
"Gypsy" 2; "Oklahoma" 3; "The King and I" 4; 
Senior Class Play Director 4; Masacksic 3,4; Dra- 
ma Club 3,4; N.H.S. 3,4; Tutoring Chairman 4; 
Variety Show 2,3,4; p. 32 

TORFF, CAROLYN-901 Frank Smith Rd.-Track 
1,2,3,4; Daisy-Weeds 4; Senior Class Play 4. p. 30 

TORREY, ADRIENNE-Age. A.D., A.T.-44 Kenmore 
Dr. -Daisy-Weeds 4; Senior Class Play 4; "The King 
and I"; Outlet; AFS; Drama Club. p. 50 

TYSON, MATT-Tys-108 Maple Rd. -Soccer 1,2,3,4; 
Captain 1,4; Baseball 1,2,4; Intramural Basketball 
4; Basketball 3; Intramural Volleyball 4; Leaders 
Club 3,4; Senior Class Play. p. 50 

WALBRIDGE, THOMAS-Wally-14 Glenwood Cir- 
cle-Key Club 2,3,4; Soccer 1,3,4; Basketball 
1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Senior Class Play. p. 49 

WALKER, JIM-Diamond-98 Coventry La. -Base- 
ball 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Football 1; Key 
Club 2,4; Intramural Football 4; Senior Class Play 
4. p. 47 

WALTEIN, RICHARD- 122 South Avenue, p. 58 

WARD, SCOTT-Scooter-844 East St. Ludlow, p. 

WASS, JENNIFER M.-Jenn-39 Converse St. -Soc- 
cer 1; Track 1; Class Council 12,3,4; Class Secre- 
tary 1; Class V.P. 3; SAC 3,4; RSAC 3,4; State 
Student Council 3,4; SFAC 1,2,3,4; Football Stati- 
dan 4; Class Play 4; Daisy- Weeds 4; Keyettes 1 ,2. 
p. 61 

WATNICK, STEPHANIE-Steph-81 Cheshire Dr.- 
Field Hockey 2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Keyettes 

1,2,3,4; NHS 3,4; Senior Class Play 4. p. 50 

WATSON, EDWARD 37 Fernleaf Ave. p. 59 

WEILER, SUE-Susie-146 Twin Hills Drive- Varsity La- 
crosse 2,3,4; Captain 4; Cheerleading 1,2,3,4; 
Daisy-Weeds 4; Class Play 4; Class Council 
1,2,3,4; Keyettes 2,3,4; Ski Clbu 1,2,4; Usher 3. p. 

WEINBERG, LESLIE-137 Silver Birch Rd. p. 40 

WEINER, LISA-Ellie, Elliot-80 Bliss Road-Cheer- 
leading 2,3,4; Class Play 4; Keyettes 2; Daisy- 
Weeds 4; Class Council 3,4. p. 23 

WEISMAN, ERIK 669 Converse St. -Key Club 2; 
Tennis 3,4; NHS 4. p. 54 

WENZ, KATHRYN- Wench, Casey, Cakey-117 Ell- 
ington St. -Soccer 12,3,4; Daisy-Weeds 4; Drama 
Club 1,3,4; Outing Club 2,3,4; Officer 4; Leader 
3,4; Track 4; Basketball 3; Senior Class Play 4; 
"Gypsy" 2; Guys N Dolls 1 p. 55 

WERMAN, CRAIG 50 Woodside Dr. p. 51 

WHINNEM, KIMBERLY-32 Lincoln Rd. p. 60 

WHITE, BOB-Whitey-130 Cambridge St. -Cross 
Country 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Indoor Track 1,2,4; 
Ski Team 3,4; Stowefest 3,4; Class Council 2,3,4; 
Outing Club 2. p. 62 

WILKS, JEFF-135 Captain Rd. -Skiing 1,2,3,4; La- 
crosse 2,3,4; Daisy-Weed 4; Stowefest 3,4. p. 56 

WILLETT, NORMAND-971 Converse St.-Hockey 
1,2,3,4; Senior Class Play. p. 38 

WILLIAMS, TRACEY-Beans, Brown Sugar, T-124 
Albemark St. Spring. Daisy-Weed 4; Senior Class 
Play. p. 39 

WITHERS, JOHN-Wiz-20 Wellesley Dr.-Cross 
Country 2,3,4; Class Council 4; Track 2,4; Senior 
Class, p. 45 

WU, ROWLAND PARKONG-Wu-man-2594 Mat- 
terhorn Dr. Wexford, Pa. 15090-Class Council 
2,3,4; Key Club 1 ,2,3,4; Treasurer 4; National Hon- 
or Society 3,4; Swimming 1,2,3,4. p. 51 

WUN, JOEL- 19 Lorenz St. Long. -Wrestling 2,4; 
Senior Class Play 4; Leaders 4. p. 32 

YOUNG, PATRICIA 154 Deepwoods Dr.-Swim- 
ming 1,2,3,4; AFS 4; Daisy- Weeds 4; Senior Class 
Play 4. p. 38 

ZEROOGIAN, ADAM 38 Cobblestone Rd. -Base- 
ball 4; TFL 4. p. 44 

ZUNDELL, LISA- 172 Cedar Rd.-Class Council 1,2; 
Keyettes 1 p. 42 

ZUZGO, SUE p. 43 



'" ' IM 

B 911 : 


^ IP 








Hanifin and Brad Andrews, lii 
ers, Larry Stone and Scott ( 
tackles, and juniors Jim Yesu 

s, ends. 

■-'■- .; :- 

>orr. vemen t throughout the 
I by seniors Matt Hen- 

playing abili- 

~4 i-w/riAi- 

' i de- 
ad a 

Cabrall helps Casey Hanifin warm up. 3. John 
Nyman outmaneuvers opponent for an im- 
portant gain. 4. Josh Rappaport throws for 
completion, 5. Lancers in huddle before a big 
play. 6. Lancers hold opponent 7. Jim Yesu 
makes an aggressive tackle. 8. Dan Bowen 
and Jim Fricchione show enthusiasm. 9. Lanc- 
ers get psyched before a game. 10. Josh 
Rappaport hands, off to Jim Fricchione as 
Brad Andrews makes key block 11. Unde- 
feated Freshman Football team 12. Jim Fric- 
chione makes a game saving interception. 
13. Dan Bowen makes a great tackle. 14 
Lancer co-captains Will Masi. Matt Henshaw 
and John Sheehan with Jim Fricchione heaa 
out for the coin toss. 15. Josh Rappaport talks 
strategy, with coaches. 16. Fric Brunette 
leads Steve Holbrook for a large gam 


Lancer Varsity Football- (L to R) Row 1: L. Stone M. Molitoris, J. 
dak, D, Bowen, E. Brunette, J. Sheehan, B. Mast, M. Henshaw, M. 
tape, D. Pietersie, C. Hanifin. Row 2: J, Golberg, S, Rubin, J. Fric- 
ione, S, Holbrook, E.J. Barkett, S. Gutstein, J. Nyman, M. Jeffery, B. 
idrews. E. Stiles. Row 3: J. Rappaport, B. Kotwicki. D. Stebbins. J 
ivitt. T. Stelzer, M. Murphy, S. Chriton. A. Paige, M Naggy, J. Yesu 
Row 4: R. Glasgow, T. Calabrese. M. Danlele. J. Massa, P. Lang. E 
Gorrigani. D. Bergin, M. Naughton. Row 5: M. Homan. P. Silvestri. S 
Grippo, R. Black, T. Alsberg, P. Parker, G. Joseph, B. Gainelly. Row 6 
D. Murphy, C. Masi, R. Hobbs, J. Bajack, D. Jacobs, M. Winkler, J 
Alsberg. Row 7: Coaches- Cabrall, Murphy, Raymond, Deary. 

Chicopee Comp. 
9 W. Springfield 

7 Westfietd 

South Hadley 

27 Greenfield 

?4 Amherst 

1 East Longmeadow 



"Better individuals make a better 
team." That was the philosophy 
taken by this year's boys' soccer 
sauad. With only five returning sen- 

ik^jrTMi ■pnk w iwHMiw^iiKa^wjwja.wiiKfrj»k*jL»|B^M»*j 

son, Mike Daly, and Bob Lee, the 
team struggled to overcome their 
lack of experience. Coach Ron Mor- 
issette hoped that improving indi- 
vidual skills would improve the over- 
all team performance. Because 
competition is extremely "tough" in 
the Pioneer Valley Soccer League, 
one of the best in New England, 
each game was a new learning ex- 

After a rather slow start, four con- 
secutive games without a goal, the 
Lancer booters and superstars Matt 

Tyson, Mike Daly, and Steve C 
began turning the tables. They ti 
Sy cracked into the victory coh 
with continuous effort, dedicate 
and teamwork. Although they had 
a long road of inexperience to trav- 
el, they did their best all the way. 
Look out for this young squad in 
years to come! 

1. Steve Keeney in the heat of the action. 2. 
Varsity L to R. Row 1 P. Silvestri, B, Bailey, T. 
Sarnoff, B. Swan, D. Levine, T. Ditmar, J. Sny- 
der, P. Jennings. S. Keeney. C. Sterba, A. Bas- 

ynolds, T. Fonner, B. Vinick, Coach Morts- 

D ow 2: G. Wilson, T. Dow. T. Walbriage. 

B Spink, J. Grodsky. S. Potter. M Dai- 

. Tyson. B. Lee, G, Shapiro, T. Goodrich, 

H. Hultzstander. 3. Marco Macciarolli dribbling 
up the field. 4. Junior Varsity L. to R. Row 1: 
Coach LeBlanc, T. Beaulieu, J. Reichert. £. 
Johnson, D. Cameron, D. Brunette. K. Traub, J, 
Christie. G. Finn, C. Dugin, E. Hagberg, M. Per- 
uzzi, M. Lyon, D. Coccoluto, B. Doyle. Row 2; 
N. Flemming, 8. Carroll, D, Serenho, P. Kiautky, 
H. Rubin, J. Withgott, T. Withers, K. Hanafin. 5. 
E.J. Cummings, on the warpath. 6. Brad Spink 
skillfully stops the ball. 7. A concerned Paul 
Silvestri looks on. 8. Marco Macciarolli con- 
centrates on getting past the opponent, 9, 
Tim Dow using his head, 10. Matt Tyson run- 
ning for the steal. 11 Bill Bailey trips the 
opponent, 12. Mr. Morissette in a tense mo- 
ment. 13. Jim Snyder maneuvers the ball. 14. 
Steve Keeney sets it up. 15 Bob Lee prepares 
for the winning goal. 





■ : :. : ..;■!■ . 

-;.::., r . . 

•■ " ■ '-: 'r ' ::■:.: ; ■.":.-..> : . 

■:.:::■' ' • . ' ': : • , b . :. v. ■ . 
.::.■.■.■■:■.■:;.■..:■. . : 

.■••■'.:_■: v.. '.-. C.v.-:. L. ' 'ev : s 

■......■■■. . ■.:''... f ■':?.::..: 


"•• ■'■■■. ■ - ' 

. ;.:.■ 

■■■-■■'.. • • \ '.' ■■ : . . 


Led by the superb playing of the 
senior tri-captains Cathy Davitt, 
Laura Hyman, and Kate Lantz. the 
1983 girls' soccer team had a fine 
year Other excellent players includ- 
ed senior Kerry Flanagan, junior Lori 
Picard, and sophomore Lynn Brom- 
ley. Coach Michael McCarthy de- 
scribed the team as a group of 
"good athletes with terrific atti- 

tudes." During the season, the team 
strove to improve their passing, their 
defense and their teamwork skills 

ienced as many of the other teams, 
the girls still had a good season. Girls' 
soccer enthusiastically looks for- 
ward to next season because many 
members of this young team will be 
returning. PyK3v3 BOC 

1. Varsity: Row 1: L to R L Hyman, C. Davit 

tie. S. Rotundo, 8. Gill. M. McNair, M. Sicilian 
Row 3. Coach, C. Ciccia. K. Flanagan, L. Pi- 
card, J. Daniels, A. Bregianes, L. Bromley. J 
Kotwicki, R. Gonzales, N. Davidson. C. Tazzini 
Coach McCarthy. 2. Lori Picard adeptly drit 
bles downfield. 3. Junior Varsity Row 1: L to 
W Gesing, B Nysly, C Ashe. T Ottani. 
Cummings. K. McKernan, T, Rosenthal, K. Mc 
Naughton, K. Crosby. Row 2: M. Winkler, G 
Dowd, N. Swan, A. Nyman, M, Wass, A. Mat 
son, E. LaPierre. Row 3: P. Mentor, H. Stone, S 
Fitzgibbons, L Gould. N. Keeley, A Gnr 
spoon, A, Davis, Coach Martin. 4. Marth; 
McNair gets into position. 5 Barbara Gill 
action. 6. Laura Hyman throws the ball mi 
the game. 7. Lisa Kuerzel goes for the ball. £ 
Laurie Hastie expertly handles the ball. 



" ' ■'■• 

zie Hayes. Betsy Cain, and Melinda 
Lawson led the team to victory with 
- ■_. ; v ' : :. 

: ■■}■■ -^ 7 

.:. - 

center halt. Also displaying their skills 
on the playing field were Carolyn 
Croteau and May Briones. who 

"V: ;: ■ \ ;•■:. -.-. :■-■- 

: ' . . , " :. 


1 . Melinda Lawson attempts to steal the be 
Should be admired for their Skill and from opponent 2. Working as a team 
dedfC-' avoid a score. 3. Varsity Field Hockey: (L to f 

Sitting-M. Lawson, B. Cain, B. Hayes. First rov 
K. Bibeau, 8. White, S, Diheen. C. Croteau. 
coached by Lee-Ann Mercan- piumb, M. Briones, J. Sweet. Second row-r 
dante, also had teamwork and en- Lefo, J. Eickhoff. s. Watnick, a. Hyatt, e. Go 

thusiasm. Some Of the Standouts in- man L DePers.s. A. Blanchard. B. Belche 

'" ■ , . ■•. .. ;■■ 

Chrissy Quinn on Offense. An excel- Hockey: Row 1: (Standing) A. Doherty. C 

lent team, Longmeadow field hock- Qulnn - E - wetch, j. Berstein, c. Atkins, s. Ma 

ey's versatility and determination I, 


2- A. Re . set, R. Terres, A. Lynn, J. h 

M. Lo Sue Run 

3u gets ready for a po 

from a teammate. 8. Stephanie Watnic 
races for the ball. 9. Betsy Cain anticipate 
her shot. 10, Buzzie Hayes, Melinda Lawso 
and Sue Dineen watch the shot with hop- 

■!■::.... ..:.':■ 

South Hadley 


East langmeadow 

West Springfield 
Mohawk Trail 

Does anyone really know what kept the ranks strong. The girls' i Boys' cross country team: i to r 
cross country running is? It is a team, a new addition to cross Front row a. wiiise.B Arnold, j.with- 

Second row L to R E Mundell, K Co- 

tion and solitary long distance Strong upperclassmen, Anne Da- hen . a. Dwessei m. Mann, d. Decan- 
running. Here at LHS, Mr. Winseck vidson, Anita Chang, and Judy dio. d. McCarthy, j. McLaughlin, s. Bis- 
demanded both strength and Castagna. led the team which in- cotti. p Hrschberg. j winseck 2. Girls 
endurance from his cross rnuntrv rlurlArl fr<=Khmp>n <;e>n<:ntir>nc: Phrk- Cross c~ 

team. There were experienced tine Willse and Shannon Gardella. Savjcn< j castagna, a Davidson 

runners on the boys' team, includ- With strong runners on both the Coach W i nS eck. a Chang, l. whitiock. 

ing Andy Willse, Bob White, and boys' and girls' teams, the cross s, Gardeiia. 3. Christine wnise helps to 

Bill Arnold, while underclassmen country should prove to be one lead the girls team to victory 4. Bob 

Dan McCarthy and Michael Mann ot Longmeadow's best teams. White heads for tne finish l,ne in first 



Vaulting into the new season, the 
girls' gymnastics team, coached by 
Judi Gregory, looked strong. With 
talented underclassmen like sopho- 
more Jennifer Rosol and freshman 
standout Rebecca Kittredge, Miss 
Gregory hoped to draw good 
scores. Explaining that, "returning 
people look strong" and we hope 
to work new talent into the lineup, 
such as sophomore Lisa Nardi and 
freshman Terri Marino. Team Cap- 
tain Marcie Leopold, the only senior 
on the team, was a top competitor. 
Debbie Stone and Tonia Ouellette, 
both sophomores, contributed im- 
pressive scores on bars, floor, and 
vault. The three juniors in the team 
were strong in individual events and 
the remaining five freshmen are 
guaranteed contributors in the next 

four years. 

Coached by Ford Madden and 
co-captained by Larry Paguette 
and Joe Franson, the boys' gymnas- 
tics team was ready to roll into the 
1983 season. Coach Madden felt 
that this tec 
and strong. With talent on each 
event, the team set their sights to 
win Western Mass and to break the 
school point record. Coach Mad- 
den explained that Joe Franson's 
best event was the floor exercise, 
and Larry Pacguette, Co-captain, 
was a top competitor because of 
his great strength. Senior John Fijol, 
an all arounder, was very talented 
on the pommel horse. With dedica- 
tion, enthusiasm, and of course tal- 
ent, the 1983 boys' gymnastic team 
had a successful season. 

1 . Debbie Stone aiming for perfection. 2, 8oys ; 
team- Row 1: L to R J. Fijol. P. Manning, L 
Coals. B. Rosencranz, D. Tomascetti. Row 2 
Coach Madden, R. Dabbs. S. Mendrick, j 
Franson. B. Feist. L. Paquette, L O'Brien, J 
Diamond. 3. John Fjol concentrates in a front 
support. 4. Girls team: Row -1: L. to R.. Coach 

Coach Madden. Row 2: S. Barba, L. Ode'" 
K. Wilcox, L, Nardi. D. Stone, T. Ouelletk., ._. 
Kroi, H Hughes, 5, Carey Snyder, at the 
peak of her performance. 6. Jennifer Rosal 
relaxes in a front support, 7. Rebecca Kit- 
tredge in a perfect "10 " 8. Tonia Ouellette 
demonstrates her talent on the floor. 9 Chris 
Krol, bending over backwards for her team. 
10: Debbie Stone, taking off into a dynamic 
foutine 11. Jen Rosal is stretching for the top. 
12 Dan Tomassetti performs an act of 
strength. 13. Gymnasts eaaerfy await to 
compete. 14, Rob Dabbs glides through his 
routine. 15. Joe Franson conguers the paral- 
lels. 16. The guys relax before the meet. 



" Swimming is a highly individualized 
sport; however, members of the 
Longmeadow High School swim 
team, know that success in compe- 
tition requires a team effort. Al- 
though the boys and girls were on 
separate teams, they practiced to- 
gether and relied on each other for 
mora! support, especially during in- 
tense meets. Six days a week, three 
hours a day, the swimmers engaged 
in strenuous training in the pool and 
in the weight room. Their hard work 
and winning spirit was evident in 
their rousing successes against rivals 
Minnechaug and Cathedral. 

Led by first year coach Peter Ca- 

bral and co-captains Rowland Wu 
and Will Masi, the boys counted on 
the team's depth and dedication to 
help them top the WMASS competi- 
tion and possibly capture the state 

The Lancerettes possessed ex- 
perience and strong will, as well as 
promising freshmen. Although they 
were unable to compete 
statewide, the girls, coached by 
Mrs. Isabelle Fraser, completed a 
winning season and finished on top 
in WMASS. 

Dedicated individuals make up a 
strong, successful LHS swim team. 

1 fains Swim Team Front Row L to R: K. Fitz- 
gibbons, A. Matson, T. Rosenthal R. Leib. Row 
2: S. Collins, C. Croteau, K. Gardella, M. Skel- 
ley, K. Roberts. Row 3: Coach Frasier, K. Bi- 
beau, M. Green, J. Miller, T. Young, K. Walsh 
J. Burstein. Row 4: J, Tripp, L. Trelease, D. Qua- 
trochi, A. Wakeman, J. Grabb, L. Nardi 
Coach Gregory. 2. Coach Frasier discuss? 
strategy with a swimmer. 3. Boys' Swim Team 
Front Row L to R B. Burgstein, S. Merrill, P 
Reynolds, Row 2: J. Wesson, C. Masi, M. Mac- 
Donnell, A. Bassock, B. Shukan, Row 3; j 
Geanacopotous, T. McGuire, H. Frost, T. Car- 
dinal, G. Sellei, Row 4: J. Dolan, R. Wu, W. 
Masi, E. Elsinger, A McMurray, Coach Cabrai 
4. Andy Bassock 's intense meditation. 5 
"Swimmers take your mark." 6. Lisa Nardi ex- 
hibits a perfect "10". 7. Jack Dolan. up tor air. 
8. Bethany Leonovich's perfect stroke. 9. Les- 
lie Slater bound for victory. 10. Carolyn Cro- 
teau, 11. Freshmen swimmers. 12. Eric Elsinger 
discusses a successful race with coach. 13, 
Andrew McMurray flies through the water. 14. 
Will Masi exerts maximum nnwsr 






East Longmeadow 


West Springfield 









' I 

With a super team, high hopes, and 
loads of spirit, the LHS hockey team 
skated to victory after victory this 
year. Under the fine coaching of Ray 
Suzor and assistant coach Robert 
Ayers, the pucksters had both a 
strong offense and defense with 
many fantastic players skating for the 
team, including an especially talent- 
ed group of seniors. 

Senior goaltenders Charlie Bergin 

along with defensemen Scot Meara. 
Peter Murphy, and Norman Wiffett. 

Leading scorers included seniors Marc 
Lajoie, Jeff Rehbein, and Lee An- 


However, the strength of the team 
did not end with seniors. Ji 

Collins, Jon Fisk, and Eric 
their presence known and two fr^n- 
men, Brett Suzor and Gary Picard, 
also helped the team to victory. 

With a crew of top players, the LHS 
hockey team skated with h^b hr>n»« 
to make the playoffs, the 
the season. Because of then . 

1 Eric Thor goes for a goal. 2 Brett Suz 
races down the ice 3. J.V. Hockey Tear 

" i, R. Cameron 
glois. seconc' 
M, Louis, M. Orr, E, Sergei, S, Koyle, S 
J. Barkett. C. Pasick. Coach Aye 
Lancer Varsity Hockey: (in alphabets 

: ' - . -' i "... n ' •:: < \ • :.::c ; 
tosh, S. Meara, P. Murphy, G. Picard 
Rehbein, B, Suzor, E. Thor, N. Willett v 
Coach R, Suzor. 5. Sco 
keeps the puck in control. < 

petition this season. Coach Suzor 

?Y . ^ \^ "• A^-k f >•■■■■■ ■• : - 

the team wi 

able seniors. 

suffer the loss of vaiu- 

. shows r 
sive skills. 10. Marc Lajoie fights for 

PUCK. 1 1 . unarne Bergin muKes u shuil 
save 12. Jeff Rehbein controls his Cat. 
dral opponent. 13 Lee Andrews goes 
a shot on goal. 14. Jeff Rehbein beats 
opponent to the puck. 15. John Fisk \ 
the winning edge. 16. Norman W 
keeps his oppoonent in line. 17. Greg C 
lins assists in a goaf. 

>,">.£ ><V\r 

MCre : £tfl 


the '84 1 
finish "n< 
they sur, 
out at thi 
of their si 
their ex< 
and tear 
in abund< 
to the t< 
Ron Moris, 
for the pc 

1. Randy Hobbs runs into posifion. 2. Seth 
Potter shows his defensive skills. 3. Tom Wal- 
brldge goes up for two points. 4. Dave 
Krumsiek exhibits perfect form. 5, Dean Tufts 
gives It his best shot. 6. Jim Walker brings the 
II down the court for a win. 7. E. J. Cum- 
• steals the ball from East Longmea- 
Varslty Basketball Team: first row (. 
trer, D. Krumsiek, E. Carey, J, Do- 
ings. Second row-S. Radnor, 
ifts, D. Gibson, T. Walbridge 
isette. 9. J. Varsity Bas- 
row (l to r): B. Arnold, E. 
ranelly, M. Curto, 
Grippo, G. Godin, 
, D. Teree, M. 
on. 10. Derer. 
11. Sam 

Longmeadow High School girls' 
oasketbalt team has come a long 
way A few seasons ago the team 
lost every game; last year they 
reached the tournament but were 
eliminated in the first round. This year 
they were expected, however, to 
lead their division. 

The veteran starters who exper- 
ienced those first two disappointing 

ture the title this time. Senior co- 
captains Kerry Flanagan and Cathy 
Davitt hoped to climax four varsity 
years with a division championship 
As Coach Carol Moore observed, 

"This team really wanted to win it all 

this year." 

lence and speed were the team's 
predominant strengths. After a slow 

girls' luck began to change and 
their persistence was rewaraed In a 
thrilling game against top contend- 
er Northampton, the Lancerettes 

last-second hoop gave Longmea- 

tory. Longmeadow girl's hoop is on 
their wayl EH 

1 . Lancer girls' basketball team sho 
cellent teamwork. 2. The sidelines c 
couragement during a game. 3. L< 
dribbles skillfully past her opponent. 4. 
Blanchard watches as she makes a basket. 
Joanne Kotwicki watches as her teammo, 
takes a foul shot. 6. Cheryl Rogers goes fr 
two points. 7. Cathy Davitt jumps way up. 
J.V, Girls' Basketball team: back row (I to r)- 
Janosky, S. Martei, K. McGuiness, K, Foley, 
Rogers, C. Meador, Coach A. Watson. Fror 
Row-L. Tremble, C. Atkins, T. Ouellette, 
Doherty, K. Boehem, K. Shannon, C. fw 
Naughton. 9. Kerry Flanagan skillfully < 
for a layup. 10. Varsity C 
0- front row M. Sicliano. K. Flaherty. C. Davit 
K. Flanagan, J. Kotwicki, S. Rotundo, bac 
row: Coach Moore, K. Curto, M. Briones. 
Daniels. A Blanchard. C. Rogers. L. Picard 



At the first fall of snow at Berkshire years si 
East this winter, the Longmeadow Gill, Am 
High School Ski Team set out to Gersteir 
practice for another victorious year The b 
in both the slalom and giant slalom basked 
events. Because last year's t< 
had set such high standards, 
because many experiencea 
were lost to graduation, this 1 
neeOed spirit and hard work to fol- t 
low in their tracks. 

The girls' team, led by 
Lantz, had many newcomers wui- 
thy of the Lancer Ski Team reputa- its repu 
tion, as well as loyal racers from past 

years such as Betsy Cain, Barbara 
Gill, Ann-Gail Bregianes, and Shari 

The boys' team, led by Tim Dow, 

basked in the expertise of many re- 

-ning seniors including Jeff Wilks, Bill 

an, and John Connor. Once 

they were the class of the 


. ■ v:« «; 

1. Front Row: I to R: A. Salvage. G. Dowd, 
Swan, H. Stone; Middle Row: K. Lantz, T. Dow 
J. Wilks, B. Gift, B. Cain, A. Bregianes, S. Ger- 
stein, N. Davidson, J. Grodsky, C. Burns; Bacl- 
Row: J. Connor, B. Swan, H. Murray, T. Fonner 
E. Steiger, R, Weisman, J. Reichart. 2. Eddie 
Steiger exhibits graceful form on the slopes 
3, Coach Folta gives the camera a proud 
smile. 4. An example of the team's humor. 5 
Holt Murray prepares for the meet. 6. Barbara 
Gill makes a run for it. 7, John Connor pose 
before the race. 8. Joe Reichart looks on witt 
i friend. 9, Co-Captains Kate Lantz and Tim 
Dow show their smiles of confidence. 


tion. They are winn 

Coach Roger Moss led the wres- 
tling team to a very successful sea- 
son this year. Although the te 

lacked m 

very w 

is that the team will have many 
more strong wrestlers in the years to 
come with the abundance of un- 

derclassmen. Led this y 

iors Joe Franson and Joe Dasco, the 
team was supported by juniors Don 

hen and Mark Donahue For the 

■ their year to shine. 

**"}: Front Row, L to R: P. Cor 

, Shapiro. J. Cohen, J. D r 

krow: J. Dasco, V, Par 

ui^i, S. Goldsmith, D. Gra, 

~ h Moss. 2. J. V. Wrestling; Fror 

. Gloth, P. Panuccio. 3. Ormsb 

Donahue, D. Tomassetti, E. Ho 

. . .,* Row: Coach Moss, S. McCarth 

B. Chandler, C Sarno, K. Robitaille, T. M< 

lonev, P. Richardson. 3. Jami Cohen in actio 

Jimmy Danalis strives for victory 6. Jc 
Washington keeps on top of things. 7. Jar. 
Cohen rubs it in. 8. The referee counts 

field, ( 

Row, L 


4. Jo€ 


.A&k r " 




Mr. Dan Lynch has moved up! Although he 
was not unhappy with his position as a histo- 
ry teacher, he enjoys his new job as assis- 
tant principal. Getting to "deal with a vari- 
ety of kids for many different reasons," not 
necessarily just those students with disciplin- 
ary problems, comprises what Mr. Lynch 
likes most about his new job. 

However, he did say that he has had 
some very rewarding experiences handling 
students who do have disciplinary problems 
and who have come to recognize their 
troubles. Also, dealing with teachers and 
administrators that really care, as well as 
with concerned students, has been quite 

As an administrator, he has gained a 
whole new viewpoint on what "makes LHS 
tick," and he feels good about his contribu- 
tion to that "ticking." He feels that he must 
do a good job for all of LHS, both for the 
teachers and for the students. 

Basically, Mr. Lynch seems happy with the 
title, "Daniel P. Lynch, Assistant Principal," 
and he enjoys the High School Community. 
Having successfully survived his first year in 
office, Mr. Lynch has received "the stamp 
of O.K." from both students and staff. 

1. Mr. Pike explaining the rules to Ed Hill. 2. Mr. Lynch 
"doing his duties." 


School Committee: (I to r) Ruth Hater, Richard Brooslin, Beverly DeWeese; stand 
ing: Mary Rogeness, Stanley Kusiak, Elizabeth Kittredge. 

Rebecca Folta 

Patricia Welch 


Where would students be without their 
guidance conselors? Every Longmeadow 
High School student knows that the Guid- 
ance Department is an important part of his 
academic life, always there to adjust a 
schedule problem or to help with choosing a 
college. However, most students don't real- 
ize that Guidance offers social guidance, 

Mr. James Climo, head of the Guidance 
Department, says that, "the better you 
know your counselor, the better your coun- 
selor knows you." He urges students to bet- 
ter acguaint themselves with their counsel- 
ors through appointments during free 

One of the things that upsets Mr. Climo is 
that Guidance has many resources that go 
unnoticed. Along with a computer-assisted 
Career Resource Center, Guidance has a 
great deal of information about colleges 
and scholarships. With its dedicated person- 
nel, Guidance at L.H.S. is a major part of a 
student's life. 

1. Mr. Climo aids a troubled Joe Casella. 2. Mrs. Jangl 
gives advice to a friend. 



The versitile and highly qualified teachers of the English department, under 
chairman, Mr. Russell L. Cobbs, use not only creativity and innovative teaching 
methods in the classroom, but also utilize their special talents in advising many 
extracurricular activities. These teachers and activities include the prize-winning 
Outlet Literary Magazine advised by Ms. Linda McShane, Mr. Mel Grant advisor 
of Masacksic, the National Honor Society led by Mrs. Judy Pincus, Mr. Roger 
LeBlanc's field trips to Broadway plays. Ski Club led by Mr. Mel Grant, and Mrs. 
Jane Murphy, co-advisor for Senior Class Council this year, while Mr. William 
Kirkpatrick and Mrs. Judy Pincus sit on the Faculty Advisory Committee. 

Within the department, unique activities occur like a field trip to Stratford, Ct. 
to see Romeo and Juliet, the viewing of the movie Macbeth for English 
students, and performances by readers of the Canterbury Tales. The fourteen 
teachers of the English department, according to Mr. Cobbs, "work to maintain 
the quality of our instructional program, in writing especially, and in spite of the 
constraints created by 2 1/2." 

Proposition 2 1/2 has affected the English department as it has all other 
departments in the school. Replacement of textbooks became more difficult 
and class sizes grew. Also, the department lacks sabbatical leaves, destroying 
the opportunity for the revitalization, enrichment, and growth of teachers. De- 
spite Proposition 2 1/2, Longmeadow High School English teachers are still sensi- 
tive to individual student needs and differences. 

The department program has changed slightly from last year. Revisions in the 
curriculum of the Senior Sequence, Synthesis, and Skills courses, defining criteria 
for student placement, and refining objectives in the writing programs are a few 
such changes. For next year, Mr. Cobbs aims "to assign students to classes in 
which they can have the most opportunity to achieve or succeed." The scholar- 
ly and dedicated teachers of the English department strive to uphold their high 
standards of teaching, and continue to make the English department one of the 
strongest in the state. 

1. Sam Radner performs in front of his class. 2. 
Junior English students, dressed as characters 
from the Canterbury Tales, listen to a class- 
mate's presentation. 3. Mrs. Phyllis Dien works 
with senior Darin Suhs. Mr. Grant's senior skills writ- 
ing laboratory. 


Linda McShane 

Susan Broderick 

William Kirkpatrick 



One of the many successes at Longmeadow High in the Math Department has 
been the growing interest in computers. Computers have resided at L.H.S. since 
1968. But, it is just in the last three years that larger enrollment in computer 
classes has begun. This year, over four hundred students enrolled in computer 
courses at the high school! 

To serve all needs, several computer courses were offered at the high school. 
A guarter course, Computer Literacy, taught students the computer language 
BASIC and beginner programming, including knowledge about computers. 
Computer Problem Solving A and B were half- year courses. Here, more serious 
programming was taught. A new course this year, AP Computer Science, taught 
students PASCAL, a computer language required by many colleges. The Math 
Department was pleased that twenty-five students registered for the course. 

"Kids today won't survive without basic knowledge of computers," comment- 
ed Mr. David Daniels, who has returned this year as the head of the Math 
Department, a position he has held for five years. Longmeadow High School's 
new computer literacy requirement supplies students with a basic knowledge of 
programming and with today's commercial computers. By the time he gradu- 
ates, a student will have reasonable knowledge of computers from either high 
school or middle school courses. Hopefully, a student will continue his or her 
computer education in the future. 


^Stg a 

■IbSm*^ 1 *^- m 

•"'.. , 

1 ^H ^^riflflM^^Ht"- ^9 

2 t^i^- ' 

k j«u«___ > 

1. Two students await computer results. 2. 
Mr. Wiley aids a interested computer stu- 
dent. 3. Kate Fitzgibbons and Jeanine Bar- 
kett work on a program. 

■r*--"~ """.j^ jpjB 

: 1 


Eileen Lynch 


George Griffin 

■ ^m 

Thomas Nesbitt 



,;■ .'^. ■ 


3& *^^^H 

If 5 "■ 



p ' I 1 

Mary Ann Sedran 

x - ~^» 


| V 

} i 

David Daniels 

Carol Resnick 

William Gatchell 


Foreign Language 

The language department at Longmeadow High School teaches students by 
letting them live the culture of the language being studied. One teacher who 
practices this type of education is Mr. Whittaker, who has been teaching French 
here for twenty-three years. He believes that showing French students a sample 
of the French culture furthers their understanding of the language. His classes do 
units on French meals, family life, and city life. Mr. Whittaker tries to go to France 
every other summer to brush up his French. Having lived in France as an ex- 
change student for two years while mastering the language, he worked as an 
English assistant at a lycee there. For the third consecutive year, Mr. Whittaker 
represents the language department on the award committee. 

Mrs. Uorens, a new Spanish teacher here at LHS, also gives her students a 
"bite" of the culture they are studying. She made "Flan", a rich Spanish dessert, 
to give her students a taste of what the Spanish eat. Planning to do more with 
foods for her classes, she cooks many Spanish dishes at home, relying on the 
experience she got while living in Valencia on the coast of Spain. 

In both languages, Longmeadow High School excels with talented and imagi- 
native teachers who bring common cultural objects to class with them to widen 
their students' scope of the society and language they are studying. 

r^ 1 

V ' !&•- 

i* \n 

:r w^ A 

<tMK : - ■ m 

r 2 j fti 

_ j 

1. Mrs. Dudley carefully explains Latin to Tina 
Rosenthal. 2. Mrs. Llorens describes Spanish 
artwork to Michael Nagy. 3. Mr. McCarthy aids a 
troubled student. 4. Lisa Rempel gets a "taste" 
of French culture while John Steiger looks on. 


Carol Rhodes 

Michael McCarthy 

Anneke Hyatt 

Robert Potvin 

Nancy Dudley 

Debra Llorens 


The Science Department at Longmeadow High School is an integral part of 
every student's curriculum. More than three-fourths of all students at LHS take at 
least two years of science. Most students take a year of IME, biology, and 
chemistry; then if bold enough, some venture into physics, AP biology, or AP 
chemistry. Most science courses involve laboratory work, which can be as simple 
as using a microscope, or as complex as calculating centrifugal force. Although 
science is not stressed as much as the basics like English, history, and mathemat- 
ics, LHS science teachers think that most students develop a deeper interest in 
science. Because the world is becoming more dependent on science and 
related subjects, it is important for students to have a solid background in this 

1 . Mr. Merritt greets one of his students in the hall. 

2. Mr. Hirsch assists Alun Polga in physics. 3. Mr. 
Ferrier teaching in a relaxed atmosphere. 


Charles Mannheim 

Jeffrey Goodwin 

David Slate 

Social Studies 

Which department has one of the most interesting approaches to teaching at 
Longmeadow High School? The history department does! The "open space" 
gives students a chance to develop their own skills while working at their own 
pace in the resource area. Most schools have no such area, particularly not one 
reserved for just one subject. Longmeadow students are privileged to receive 
the "open classroom experience". Here, students learn in a more relaxed atmo- 
sphere than is found in a regular classroom. Students find diversity in Monday 
Lecture, which is given by a different teacher each week and helps to prepare 
students for large college classes. Some students fail to realize what a fine 
educational opportunity the open space provides, but all benefit from this area 
as they take the U.S. History I and II classes. As Department Head, Mr. Peter 
Santos, said, "This set-up may not work well in all school systems, but most 
Longmeadow students seem to appreciate the chance to experience a differ- 
ent kind of classroom environment." However, the open space is not the only 
area where history is taught at LHS, and many students take non-required 
courses in regular classrooms. Diversity of environment, combined with teachers 
who are interested in social studies, make the history department one of the 
most fascinating departments in the school. 

Raymond McKenna 

1. Judy Castagna and Karen Bailey work on 
history term papers in the libray. 2. Alicia Dieni 
gets in some last minute studying. 3. Jim Co- 
hen gathers information on the American 
Revolution for a project. 

Robert Delano 

Michael Gelinas 

Peter Santos 

John Fitzgerald 

Lolene Blake 

Maria lanzito 

Stanley Ursprung 

Joseph Winseck 


The Longmeadow High School business 
and practical arts staff has helped many 
students come closer to their future goals. 
Some of the more popular courses include 
typing, clothing and foods, and accounting. 

Recently, word processing has gained a 
large enrollment. Brought to LHS two years 
ago, it was instantly perceived as the future 
in business. 

The majority of the students taking career 
education courses are planning a future in 
business, but some take the courses with 
the knowledge that they will have the skills 
available if they are ever needed. 

1. Two students work on the word processor. 2. Ed 
Crespo concentrates on his work. 


Raymond Fil 

Edith Broderick 

Raymond Kuselias 

Practical Arts 

Artistic talent swamped Longmeadow 
High School this year. Of the thirty-five artists 
who submitted their work to the Scholastic 
Arts Awards, many placed quite high in the 
competition. Mrs. Judy Ebeling, an art 
teacher at LHS, proclaimed that she had an 
outstanding group this year in her founda- 
tion classes, which consisted of second and 
third dimensional design, the basics for all 
advanced classes. 

Teachers of the advanced classes, Mrs. 
Edith Broderick and Mrs. Barbara Laub, 
agreed on the amount of outstanding 
young talent and look forward to working 
with these students. The advanced pro- 
gram includes photography, drawing, ce- 
ramics, and painting. All of these courses 
are built upon the dimensional design 
classes and, therefore, should have an ex- 
cellent turnout in the years to come. Much 
colorful art was displayed throughout the 
school this year, helping to create a bright 
atmosphere at LHS. 

1. Mrs. Broderick gives a few pointers to Rachel Chap- 
delaine. 2. Mr. Kuselias helps a student create a mas- 



Electronics. Today, this word is commonly associated with computers and 
technology, At Longmeadow High School, however, electronics are also em- 
ployed in the music department. Approximately fifteen students, some with no 
musical experience, take electronic music courses each semester. Many of 
them continue to an advanced course. By listening to different types of music, 
students learn about the components of sound. Students use synthesizers and 
tape recorders, in addition to traditional instruments, to augment the sound. The 
synthesizer offers flexibility for pitches, tone colors, and volume. Like art, elec- 
tronic music requires originality and creativity. Rather than copying or altering 
the works of other composers, the students create original compositions. Al- 
though few of his students will become professional composers, Mr. Thomsen 
believes they gain self-respect for the difficulties of writing and arranging songs. 
Electronic Music is a course in "music sensitivity" according to Mr. Thomsen. Most 
people, including adults, are unaware of electronics role in modern music. 
Record albums are actually a collection of recorded segments of music which 
have been edited electronically. Synthesizers enhance the sounds of rock 
bands and television cartoons. "By working with sounds, students become more 
interested in listening carefully to sounds." 

IHe-.;: ■■■■— t .-^—ait— Li- 

Norman Harris 

Michael Deary 

Robert D'Agostino 


In addition to its excellent academic op- 
portunities, Longmeadow High School also 
offers an unbeatable physical education 
program. Although students are required to 
take gym throughout high school most en- 
joy it and feel that it is another important 
part of their education. Physical education 
class gives the students an opportunity to 
try new and different sports or to improve 
their skills in the sports they are already fa- 
miliar with. Led by a group of talented and 
dedicated teachers, the students receive 
instruction dealing not only with the rules 
and strategies of the different sports, but 
also often with their origins and histories. LHS 
offers a wide selection of sports from which 
to choose, ranging everywhere from tennis 
to volleyball to outdoor ed. Although over 
the past few years the program has been 
reduced, physical education will continue 
as another aspect of the top-quality edu- 
cation available at Longmeadow High 

1. John Connor flexes his muscles. 2. Adriana Ramirez 
takes a gym test. 


Special People 

Did you ever wonder who keeps Longmeadow High 
School running so smoothly? Besides the names you 
may already know, there are many special people 
that you may not know. For example, keeping our halls 
sparkling clean is Rich Remillard and his staff. Signing 
our library cards every day and helping with our studies 
are Margery Baird, Peter Bergeron, Poppy Pratt and 
Irene Beachman. Providing projectors and other 
audio-visual equipment to both teachers and students 
is Merrill Oltchick, who is also in charge of Longmea- 
dow's own Channel 8. Giving out medical care is 
Helga Kohnfelder, who has replaced Joan Low. Read- 
ing announcements over the PA system and doing 
many other secretarial duties are Evelyn Nakos, Mar- 
garet Derby, Marietta Berry, Carolyn Cash, Marjorie 
Webster, Dorothy Perrault, Lynn Chambers and Doro- 
thy Bonsall. Improving students' reading skills are Mrs. 
Beth Young and Dr. Gilbert Lamarre. These special 
people all make Longmeadow High School the place 
that it is: a quality school. 

Cafeteria staff: (left to right) seated: C. Smith, R. Dziewski, C. Set 

tembre, I. Mackinick, B. Baldwin. Standing: B. Welch, D. Hopkins, J 
Glinski, R. Craven, A. Calabrese, C. Mezzetti. 

Willie Ross School: (left to right) seated: P. Hebert, E. Kaddaras, R. 
Moore, M. Mitchell. Standing: D. Duff, A. Blum, G. DeLisle. 

Peter Bergeron 

Helga Kohnfelder 

Kay Duclos 

Richard Remillard 





{ - in 


*- *■ 


\ ^ % 

^ m 



Resource Aides: (I to r) seated: S. Bayley, B. Degon, C. Ca- 
sanova. Standing: J. Mentor, A. Moore. 



, ■ 


. - \ 


Beth Young 

Margery Baird 

Gilbert Lamarre 

Debra Tobias 

Merrill Oltchick 





Joan Low 

Secretaries: P. Pratt, E. Makus, J. Fraser, M. Berry, D. Bonsall, M. Webster. Standing: J. 
Webber, I. Beachman, J. Quattrochi, M. Derby, D. Perreault, L. Chambers, C. Cash. 











W 5 






1 § 


H Ki 




The class of '85 had another 
great year, sweeping the 
awards at the Bicentennial Pa- 
rade. Under the super leader- 
ship of president Richie Skoler, 
the juniors continued to be the 
great class they showed them- 
selves to be during the pre- 
vious two years. Graduation 
draws another year closer, 
and the class of '85's enthusi- 
asm is contagious as they psy- 
che up for their senior year! It 
will certainly be awesome with 
a class as terrific as this one! 

Row 1, L-R: Treasurer Jenny Sweet, Vice-President Carey Snyder, President Richie Skoler, 
Secretary May Briones. Row 2: Advisors Mr. Riccio and Mrs. Sedran. 

James Ahrens 
Rick Ambros 
Lauren Antiles 
Scott Arno 
Bill Arnold 
Jon Aronson 
David Asselin 

Bill Auerswald 
Jill August 
Karen Bailey 
Leann Bailey 
E. J. Barkett 
Terry Baum 
Heidi Bender 

Kris Bibeau 
James Biscaldi 
Barbara Boucher 
Elizabeth Bradford 
Ann-Gail Bregianes 
Tom Brendler 
May Briones 

Tracy Bromley 
Doug Brunette 
John Burke 
Noel Burke 
Ed Burt 

Jennifer Bushey 
John Calvanese 

Ross Cameron 
Brian Canavan 
Brian Canova 
Suzy Canter 
Kenneth Cantor 
Edward Carey 
Judy Castagna 


Martha Cavallo 
Anne Chambers 
Brad Chandler 
Anita Chang 
Phillipa Chapman 
Jeff Christie 
Claudine Ciccia 

Lisa Clark 
Andy Cohen 
Max Cohen 
Tracie Cohen 
Keith Conn 
Greg Collins 
Chris Courtney 

Karen Crosby 
Carolyn Croteau 
Toni Curto 
Ron Czelusniak 
Ron DAngelo 
James Danalis 
Jennifer Daniels 

Robert Danziger 
Nancy Davidson 
Amalia Davis 

John Davitt 
Tricia Decker 
Donny Demarche 

Laura Depersis 
Ajay Desai 
John Deweese 
Sue Dineen 
Todd Ditmar 
Leigh Dobkin 
Jack Dolan 

Patty Dolce 
Maryellen Donnelly 
Brad Doyle 
Kenneth Duclos 
Cam Binh Duong 
Judy Eickhoff 
Catherine Eiff 

Eric Elsinger 
Margie Engleman 
Peter Farrell 
Jeff Feldman 
Laura Ferris 
Ina Fishman 
Jon Fisk 


Liz Fitzgerald 

Karen Flaherty 
Nick Fleming 
Kristen Florio 
Shelagh Foley 
Sara Fortier 

Robert Fritz 
Chuck Gales 
Kerry Gallivan 
Kelly Gardella 
Kathleen Garner 
Barbara Geary 
Paul Gentile 

Shari Gerstein 
Wendy Gesing 
Karen Gibson 
Barbara Gill 

Cheryl Goldstein 
Steven Goldstein 
Robin Gonzales 
Brenda Gooshaw 

Ellen Gorman 
Louisa Gould 
Laura Grasso 
Maura Griffin 
Pamela Griffin 
Wendi Grimes 
Alissa Grinspoon 

Jeff Grodsky 
David Hall 
Crystal Hamer 
Robert Harnois 
Laurie Harris 
Laurie Hastie 
Shelley Hastie 

Bryan Hill 
Randy Hobbs 
Adam Hoffenberg 
Arnold Horowitz 

William Howard 
Yuan Che Hsieh 
Ken Hughes 
Hal Hultslander 


Michael Hurley 
Mark Jeffrey 
Tamara Johnson 
Robert Kagan 

Angelo Kavrakis 
Nancy Keeley 
Kerry Kisiel 
Nicholas Kohler 

William Kotwicki 
Christine Krol 
David Krumsiek 
Dean Lajoie 
Maria Lantzakis 
Robin Leib 
Edward Lenchitz 

Tamara Lentino 
Carl Levesque 
Robert Levitt 
Jeanne Loughman 
Geoffrey Lowell 
Marco Macchiaroli 
Martin MacDonnell 

Scott Mackintosh 

Felix Malave 
James Malone 

Tim Malony 
John Marcelina 
Brett Marshall 
Jody Marshall 

Steven Mauri 
Kara McKernan 
Andrew McMurray 
Martha McNair 
Kelly McNaughton 
Marcy Merrill 
Tracy Messina 

Lynn Midura 
Elizabeth Mitchell 
Heather Moore 
Catherine Murphy 
Erin Murphy 
Carol Murray 
Holt Murray 


Adam Novitt 
Darlene O'Connor 
Molly O'Donnell 
Mike Oakes 
Basil Ormsby 
Todd Osgood 
Tia Ottani 

Vincent Panuccio 
Lori Picard 
Susan Plumb 
Alun Polga 
Laurie Preman 
Sam Radner 
Josh Rappaport 

Jeff Reynolds 
Clyde Robinson 
Kevin Robitaille 
Lisa Rodenhizer 

Cheryl Rogers 
David Ronaldson 
Josh Rosenbaum 
Jami Ross 

Nancy Rossiter 
Janet Roth 
Michael Rowe 
Thad Rusiecki 
Lori Sacerdote 
Lisa Sachs 
Laura Schauben 

Jill Schulman 
Steven Schwartz 
Donald Scott 
Eric Sergei 
Daniel Serrenho 
Kathy Shea 
Linda Sheehan 

Dale Sherman 
Katy Schlosser 
Michael Sibilia 
Todd Simley 
Abby Simon 

Michelle Simons 
Todd Sinclair 
Michelle Singer 
Richie Skoler 
Barbara Smith 


Carey Snyder 
Jim Snyder 
Brad Spink 
Jessica Spinney 
Kathy Stachowicz 
Doug Stebbins 
Eric Stiles 

Diane Stockwell 
Kim Sudnick 
Kim Suhs 
John Sullivan 

Buddy Sumner 
Kristen Suzor 
Jennifer Sweet 
Mark Szlajen 

Josh Tauber 
Mark Thomas 
Eric Thor 
Tony Toirac 
Joanne Tranghese 
Suzanne Tremble 
Judy Tripp 

Dean Tufts 
John Tyler 
John Washington 
Stacy Weinberg 
Stuart Weitz 
Steven West 
Kristin White 

Liz Whitlock 
Rick Wiatrowski 
Kim Wilde 
Tory Williams 

Andy Willse 
Nancy Wilochka 

Todd Withers 
Jim Yesu 
Bethanne Zettl 
Kurt Zinnack 
Andrew Zolotor 





After a year of building spirit, 
the class of '86 has gotten it 
together! Enthusiastic officers 
Jason Levine, Shirley Diamond, 
Abby Roth, and Sue Rotondo 
arranged a great semi-formal, 
successful bottle drives, and 
other fund raisers, setting the 
sophomore class well on their 
way to graduation. The sopho- 
mores look forward to a terrific 
junior year and to being the 
best senior class LHS has ever 

Sophomore Officers: l-r Advisor Mr. Hirsch, Secretary Abby Roth, Vice President Shirley 
Diamond. Advisor Mr. McKenna. Missing: Treasurer Sue Rotondo, President Jason Levine 

Kristen Abrams 
Craig Albano 
Greg Allen 
Tim Alsberg 
Heather Andrews 
Lea Arnold 
William Arnold 

Cecily Ashe 
Chris Atkins 
Ed Bach 
David Bader 
Gina Barbalias 
Lisa Barkman 
Andy Bassock 

Courtney Bear 
Tim Beaulieu 
Lisa Bellerose 
Dan Bergin 
Kelly Bergin 
Karyn Berman 
Steve Biscotti 

Richard Black 
Amy Blanchard 
Mitchell Blum 
Andy Blumenthal 
Katie Boehm 
Kris Brace 
Melanie Breslau 

Stephan Burkle 


Andy Calvanese 
Doug Cameron 
Tim Cardinal 
Caroline Cardwell 

Scott Carpenter 
Cory Casden 
Jennifer Casden 
Anne Cavallo 
Ben Chang 
Barry Cheskin 
John Cimini 

David Coccoluto 
James Cohen 
Lynda Cohen 
David Connell 
Tricia Connor 
Ed Corrigan 
Lisa Corvin 

Steven Coyle 
Kevin Cratty 
Kim Cratty 
Stephen Crithon 
Jen Cummings 

Mark Curto 

Joseph DAscoli 
Theresa Dabbs 
Diana Daboul 

Micheal Daniele 
Alex Dasco 
Julie Day 

Michele Degeorge 
Kim Delong 
Dawn Derose 
Shirley Diamond 
Alicia Dieni 
Janice Diplacido 
Laura Ditzer 

Aaron Dobbs 
Mark Donahue 
Brian Downey 
Andrew Duessel 
Cort Dugan 
Allison Feinstein 
George Finn 

Eric Fisher 
Kathryn Fleck 
Jeff Fletcher 
Teresa Ford 
Kim Franz 
Scott Gales 
Holly Gallivan 


I ;V 

Anna Gelinas 
Bob Gianelly 
Rachel Gilman 
Cathy Girr 


Steven Glasser 
Glenn Godin 
Mark Golaski 
Jon Goldaper 

Michael Goldberg 
Steven Goldsmith 
Sue Gonzales 
Andrea Goodman 
Todd Goodrich 
Jennifer Grace 
Sean Grandison 

Amy Gray 
Laura Gray 
James Griffin 
Michael Grimaldi 
Steve Grippo 
Marcie Gruskin 
Jennifer Guthrie 

Eric Hagberg 
Kerry Hanifin 
Lynn Hanzel 
Dan Hare 
Heather Hartley 
Earle Haskell 
Jennifer Healy 

Mark Henshaw 
Ed Hill 

Kristin Hoagland 
Liza Hollander 
Mark Homan 
Lauren Hooper 
Carol Hoyer 

Jennifer Hutchins 
Daniel Jacobs 
Jane Janovsky 
Elizabeth Johnson 
Erik Johnson 
George Joseph 
Evan Kaplan 

Larry Katz 
Jim Kelly 
Tori Kent 
Brian Kimball 
Jeff Kimball 
Peter Klavtky 
Joanne Kotwicki 


Traci Kroll 
Stephen Krumsiek 
Robert Kusiak 
Michelle L'Heureux 
Paul Lang 
William Labovitz 
Dean Langlois 

Yvonne Lapierre 
Lisa Lenchitz 
Gregory Lesieuri 
Jason Levine 
Mark Lewis 

Scott Libowitz 
Amy Lincoln 
Todd Lincoln 
Ralph Loos 
Christina Lopez 

Robert Lopez 
Marvin Lyon 
Michael Mann 
David Margolis 
Anthony Marino 
Sarah Martel 
Daniel Martin 

Chris Masi 
Joseph Massa 
David Mayer 
Daniel McCarthy 

Sean McGinley 
James McLaughlin 
Karen McLaughlin 
John McTaggert 

Stephen Mendrek 
Patricia Mentor 
Linda Meyers 
Steven Mezzetti 
Jennifer Miller 
Patrick Mills 
Holly Moore 

Melissa Moore 
Paul Moran 
Suzanne Moser 
Andy Moynahan 
Mike Murphy 
Lisa Nardi 


Soren Norgaard 
Michael Nyman 
Kimberly O'Connor 

Tonia Ouellette 
Alvin Paige 
Amy Parker 
Karen Parker 

Paul Parker 
Pam Pelletier 
Erica Peng 
Marc Peruzzi 
Cortney Phelon 
Peter Phelps 
David Plotkin 

Amy Porchelli 
Laura Pozzuto 
Dana Price 
Debra Quattrochi 
Rachel Radding 
Emily Reber 
Joe Reichert 

Hugh Reiss 
Jeannine Richard 
Peter Richardson 
Hayley Rickless 
Simone Rinaldi 
Matt Roberts 
Lori Rodenhizer 

Lynn Rodenhizer 
Andrea Rodolakis 
Pam Rogers 
Barry Rosenkranz 

Tina Rosenthal 
Larry Rosenthal 
Jennifer Rosol 
Abby Roth 

Sue Rotondo 
Liz Ruark 
Ron Doiron 
Marc Salwen 
Jennie Sanford 
Joe Siciliano 
Joe Stien 


Betsy Sandow 
Carlo Sarno 
Pam Schilling 
Eric Schwartz 
Beth Scott 
Greg Sellei 
Howard Shapiro 

Judy Shapiro 
Amy Shea 
Brian Shukan 
Kim Shulman 
Keith Silvestri 

Micheal Sinclair 
Shane Sinclair 
Joel Solomon 
Beth Spaulding 
Brian St. Armand 


Ed Steiger 
Mike Stein 
Micheal Steinberg 
Tim Stelzer 
Carol Stevens 
Debbie Stone 

Mark Sullivan 
Christine Taylor 
Marisa Tazzini 
Bob Teree 
Dan Teree 
Dan Tomassetti 
Lisa Tranghese 

Kevin Traub 
David Trudeau 
Eric Vickers 
Beth Vinick 

Laura Waite 
Dawn Wall 
Kim Walsh 
Melanie Wass 


Lynn Weinbaum 
Peter Weitz 
Beth White 
Elise Weiner 
Max Winkler 
James Withgott 
Noyem Zeroogian 







The class of '87 made it! Hav- 
ing completed freshmanhood 
under the guidance of presi- 
dent Matt London and officers 
Wendy Kittredge , Andrea Do- 
herty, and Hillary Stone, the 
frosh are looking forward to 
even more success in the com- 
ing years. Events like raising 
money with pom-pom sales 
and a dance, or constructing 
an artistic float, are only the 
beginning of the great exper- 
iences that the class of '87 are 
bound to have. 

Freshmen officers; Row 1 from L-R, President Matt London, Vice-President Wendy 
Kittredge, Secretary Hillary Stone, Treasurer Andrea Doherty; Row Two Advisors Eileen 
Lynch and George Carellas 

John Alexopoulos 
Roberta Ashe 
Joseph Auth 
Glen Bailey 
Nicole Baker 
Roberta Baker 
Eric Banson 

Suzanne Barba 
John Barkett 
Theresa Barrett 
Lynette Bassett 
Stephen Bearce 
Sheryl Becker 
Bennett Bergstein 

Ronna Bibeau 
Rhonda Birenbaum 
Mark Blackman 
Chandra Blount 
David Bond 
Sonya Bradford 
Tonya Bradford 

Daniel Broad 
Jenny Brookmeyer 
Emanuel Brulport 
Jeff Bruns 
Chris Burns 
Susan Burns 
Judith Burstein 

Scott Canavan 
Kevin Cardinal 
Chris Carey 
Joleen Carey 
Timothy Chagnon 
James Chang 
Paul Cichocki 


Sue Coburn 
Jon Cohen 
Kenneth Cohn 
Melissa Cole 
Tanrti Cole 
Donna Collins 
Shannon Collins 

Gary Condon 
Patrick Corrigan 
Jennifer Coupe 
John Crand 
Josephine Cruz 
Karen Curto 
Deana Daley 

Jennifer Daly 
Kari Danziger 
Jimmy Davis 
Jerome Davis 
Diane Day 
Noelle Deslauriers 
Glenn Diefenderfer 

Andrea Doherty 
Jimmy Dow 
Ginny Dowd 

Mark Dunaisky 
Donald Dunn 
Cam Hung Duong 

David Ehrenberg 
Jonathan Elgart 
Cheri Fagin 
Andrea Fauteux 
Stacey Fitzgibbons 
David Fleming 
Kathryn Foley 

Doreen Fontaine 
Garrett Forna 
Michael Freedman 
Shannon Gardella 
Mark Gentile 
Lawrence Gloth 
Stephanie Gold 

Andrew Goldberg 
Steven Goldblatt 
Herrick Goldman 
Beth Goodman 
Cindy Gooshaw 
Andrew Gordon 
Dorothy Gould 


&Mi /■&•£?? 

Jayne Grab 
Dan Granfield 
Megan Green 
David Greenberg 
Karin Griffin 
Paula Hamilakis 
Craig Hanson 

Doug Hartigan 
Cheryl Hastie 
Kristine Heenan 
Thomas Herrala 
Teresa Hilton 
Andrea Hirsch 
Philip Hirshberg 

Victoria Hooven 
Heather Hughes 
Andrea Hyatt 
Christina lanzito 

Cynthia lanzito 
Jacqueline Jarvis 
Maria Jeffrey 
Lauren Kalish 

Jay Kaufman 
Elaine Kazin 
Elizabeth Keeney 
John Kelly 
Greg Ketchen 
Karla Kisiel 

Wendy Kittredge 
Beth Knisely 
James Kroll 
Jill Lagana 
Michelle Lagassie 
Fred Lambert 
Matt London 

Derek Langlois 
Tammi Langlois 
Charles Laub 
Michelle Lavallee 
David Leary 
Nancy Lee 
Susan Lendry 

Sean Lew 
Janet Lim 
Erica Linson 
Alyssa Lovell 
Allison Lynn 
John Lyons 
John Macdonnell 


Ben Bergstein 
Jenny Maclaughlin 
Eric Madison 
Diane Makarewicz 
Erik Mandell 
Scott Manning 
Robert Marcelina 

Terri Marino 
Lindsay Marshall 
Pam Marshall 
Amy Matson 
Chris Mauri 
Violet Maxwell 
Sean McCarthy 

Kiara McGuiness 
John McKanna 
Shannon McKenzie 
Tom McLaughlin 
Kevin McNair 

Virginia Meador 

Tracey Meara 
Michelle Medina 
Steve Merrill 
Andrew Mirkin 
Jeff Mitchell 
Michael Moran 
Karen Morey 

Mitin Mukul 
Kathy Murray 
Barbara Nardi 
Doug Nebel 
Chris Neville 
Ann Nyman 
Kelly O'Brien 

Matt O'Connor 
Mike O'Connor 
Mary O'Rourke 
Lori Odierna 
John Orban 
Jeff Orenstein 
Dawn Ormsby 

Michael Orr 
Derek Ottani 
Chris Pahl 
Paul Panuccio 

Tanya Parker 
Chris Pazik 
Michelle Peavey 
Heather Peck 


Evette Perkins 
Stacey Perlmutter 
Johnnie Perry 
Lauren Peters 
Christine Phillips 
Gary Picard 
Chris Plumb 

Craig Price 
Troy Price 
George Psoitis 
Dana Quattrochi 
John Quinlan 

Crissy Quinn 
Robert Ravosa 
Lisa Rempel 
David Resnic 
Peter Reynolds 

John Rico 
Mark Rigby 
Jimmy Rizzo 
Chad Roberts 
Kim Roberts 
Ashley Robertson 
Tom Rogers 

Janine Ross 
Karen Rossi 
Christina Rovelli 
Gigi Roy 
Jennifer Ruby 

Julie Ryan 
Gloria Saba 
Andrea Sachs 
Greg Sachs 
Andrea Salvage 

Jonathan Salz 
Vickie Santaniello 
Ed Santiago 
Andy Schaefer 
Gary Schara 
Greg Schneider 
Todd Selin 

Kathy Sergei 
Garo Setian 
Kathy Shannon 
Mark Shaugnessy 
Bridget Sheehan 
Christy Shetler 
Mike Shifrin 


Leila Shlosser 
Allyn Shore 
Maria Siciliano 
Mark Siegel 
Vivienne Sinos 
Cindy Soderstrom 
Cliff Soukup 

Melissa Spinney 
Ken Sporleder 
Bill Sfachowicz 
Robert Stanton 
Debbie Starr 
John Steiger 
Hillary Stone 

Owen Sutton 
Brett Suzor 
Nelly Swan 

Gerald Szymczyk 

Sam Tang 
George Tazzini 
Rishona Teres 
Charles Thomas 
Karen Thomas 

Kevin Thompson 
Steven Titus 
Kara Toole 
Rosalind Torrey 
Karen Tortorici 
Susan Tranghese 
Felicia Traub 

Karol Traynham 
Lynn Trelease 
Laura Tremble 
Jeremy Tyler 
John Walt 
Joe Washington 
Wendell Webber 

Elizabeth Welch 
Steve Werman 
Jon Wesson 
David West 
Todd White 
Kim Wilcox 
Chris Willse 

Chrissy Wilson 
Melissa Winkler 
Richard Wiseman 
Jennifer Woods 
Matt Woods 
Lora Zini 
Allison Zolotor 




vp ^^^j 

If ► 


[1 3 


— jCidB 

H^^ ::: ' ; ■ I 

■ ' 







:, m m S :\ ■ ■ ii-( - 

■^««1%I-Jj ^ -^ 




^^ mm' am mmm MM «■ 


■M44 ^ 

f'% film 11 





k$&0? : ^£' ; ^ 


Masacksic, ° a colorful record of the 
school year, is the creation of a very dedi- 
cated staff. At 7:40 each morning, 35 stu- 
dents pour into room 110, prepared to work 
on the yearbook. On most days, many of 
them return in the afternoon to plan layouts, 
crop pictures, type stories, and write picture 

Masacksic is a valuable publication to 
everyone. To some, it is a picture album of a 
year's events and memories. To the editors 
and staff of Masacksic, it is a valuable piece 
of art and literature. Assisted by Advisor Mel 
Grant and Editors-in-Chief Cindy Friedmann 
and Julie Ann Roberts, the '84 Masacksic is 
a collaboration of creativity. However, the 
most important aspect of the yearbook is 
not the pictures and articles within the cov- 
er, but the experience of working together: 
staff members, editors, and advisor. 

Each year the Masacksic improves with 
new techniques, new ideas, and new peo- 
ple and becomes a unique blend of many 
talents; the Masacksic reflects the best of 
Longmeadow High School. 

1. Copy Editors Rachel Kittredge and Jenny Radding 2. 
Faculty Editor Jody Marshall 3. Editors-in-Chief Julie Ann 
Roberts and Cindy Friedmann 4. Photography Editors 
Steven Goldstein and Jennifer Stone 5. Senior Editors 
Paul Titus and Kim Laakso 6. Student Life Editors Karen 
Crosby and Alicia Ouellette 7. Masacksic staff (I to r) 
row 1: Anne Davidson, Rachel Gilman row 2: Maria 
Briones, Carol Hoyer, Holly Gallivan, Cathy Girr row 3: 
Jenny Sweet, Jill Schulman. Lisa Rodenhizer, Ann-Gail 
Bregianes, Michael Mann row 4: Robin Leib, Barbara 
Geary. May Briones, Peter Weitz 8. Business Editors 
Alissa Grinspoon, Beth Mitchell, and Kitsey Rigby 9. 
Sports Editors Joanne Fanelli and Suzy Canter 10. Un- 
derclass Editors Ellen Gorman and Anne Chambers 1 1 . 
Typist Lisa Rodenhizer 12. Advisor Mel Grant. 


: ' ■ : : • ' . . 

Schutman smoothly performs her dance routine. 3 
Charlie livens up the show with his imitation of Michael 
Jackson. 4. "Dick" Skoiar leads the Pand. 5. The Vari- 
ety Show band Boxer Rebellion poses backstage. 6 
Bruce Gregori performs with "Natural Science" 7. Lau- 
ie "- es he final LHS Variety Show curtain 

call. 8. Mark Thomas starts off the show with "Synchron- 
icity" 9. Lisa. Cathy, and band members at the end of 
10. Todd Sinclair performing with 
"Eastern Alterations." 



Make way for the bearers of the golden 
assels! The LHS National Honor Society, 
d of seniors and a few select ju- 
liors, all have either reached or exceeded 
the standards set by the organization. N.H.S. 
plays an important role in our high school. 
Members tutor students in various subjects, 
run the bookstore, and host the annual 
ping-pong tournament. N.H.S. was led this 
year by outstanding officers, including presi- 
dent Martin Banson, vice president Maria 
Briones, treasurer Mary Eickoff, tutor coor- 
dinators Joanne Fanelli and Paul Titus, Sec- 
retary Natalie Savich, and social coordina- 
tor Cindy Friedmann. Under the capable di- 
rection of Ms. Lolene Blake and Mrs. Judith 
Pincus, N.H.S. has made 1983-1984 a re- 
warding year. Fifty-five seniors were ad- 
mitted to the ranks along with 21 juniors. 
With many more members on the way, 
1984-85 should be a very successful year for 
Longmeadow High School's National Honor 

1 . The National Honor Society officers. 2 Joanne Fanelii 
and Kerry Galvan discuss upcoming NHS events. 3. 
Advisor Mrs. Pincus speaks to NHS members during c 
meeting. 4. NHS treasurer Mary Eickhoff smiles for the 
camera, 5. Bob Lee listens to NHS announcements. 6. 
Andy Goldberg enjoys himself at the mer" 
enthusiasm displc" .. 

and j°™" o^H^i 
NHS r^.... 
their meeting. 


i - * 

■ ■ ■ 

i^^^fe~"' ■ ^B - /^H 






The American Field Service i 
'ub that allows student 
a foreign country or h 
" Longmeadow Higl 
he opportunity to i 
e and understanding 
by joining AFS. Led 
e Eiff, AFS planned m 
, this year, including a. 
M with another club, a day trip to Nev 
ork City, International Week, which fea- 
tured the fall carnival and dinner, and an 
exchange with Wilbraham in January. AFS is 
a chance to learn more about other coun- 
ties, meet interesting people, and have a 
tot of fun along the way. 

Did you know that Longmeadow High 
School has a literary magazine? Called Out. 
let. it is a student publication of short stories, 
artwork, photographs, and poetry. Aided 
by her talented staff, advisor Linda 
McShane chose the students' contributions 
for this year's edition. This magazine wel- 
comes new members, new contributors, 
and especially new readers. Outlet is an 
excellent showcase for the outstanding ar- 
tistic and literary talents here at Longmea- 
dow High School. As one enthusiastic staff 
member said, "This year's issue was the best 
Outlet ever!" 

1 Exchange students smile for the camera. 2. Atten- 
tive staff members. 3. Kltsey Rigby chats with advisor 
tvls. McShane, 4, Vice-president Eileen McManus. 5. 
Natalie enjoys life at LHS. 6. Outlet members enjoy 
themselves. 7. Lauren Anttles supports Outlet. 8. AFS 
members enjoy themselves. 9. Sandy Monks doing 
some work for A.F.S. 10. Jay Withgott reviews last 
year's Outlet- 


The many students involved in band at 
Longmeadow High School make beautiful 
music together. But, to double our pleasure 
this year, we had two bands at LHS, concert 
band, which consists of about fifty students, 
and a wind ensemble of about thirty mem- 
bers. Both bands, directed by Mr. Burkle, 
contain a cross-section of both upper and 
under-classmen. These band members had 
many opportunities. Some played in the or- 
chestra for the school play, The King and I, 
others participated in chamber music con- 
certs, in the Jazz Ensemble, and in District 
and Allstate activities. Mr. Burkle leads the 
concert band, the wind ensemble, and the 
orchestra, while Mr. Mucci heads the Jazz 

Mr. Burkle said that seniors this year were 
very musically inclined, and that he "will be 
sorry to see them go." The musical program 
this year included playing at the football 
games, auring the Bicentennial weekend, a 
November concert, a Pops concert, an ex- 
change concert in the Washington area, 
and the annual Spring concert. These con- 
certs were extremely successful because of 
hard work from the teachers and the stu- 
dents. Mr. Burkle added that he was "ex- 
cited about the musical results with this 
year's organization." With great teachers, 
talented and enthusiastic musicians, many 
opportunities, and LHS band should be music 
to the ears for years to come, 

1, Stephen Burkle in uniform. 2. The Homecoming Pa- 
rade. 3. Mr. Burkle conducts. 4. Paul Titus solos on sax. 5. 
Larry Hochberg performs. 6. Paul Titus blows his horn. 7. 
A flute performance in the library. 8. Tina Rosenthal. 
Margie Engleman, and Shari Gerstein put on a special 
performance. 9. Stephen Schwartz solos on trumpet. 







The King And 

As anticipated, this year's Drama Club fall 
musical, The King and I, proved to be 
great success, txperienced director, 
cheal Mucci, incorporated over one h 
dred students in stage crew, props, sou 
orchestra, lighting, costumes, makeup, an< 
publicity. There was a bonding friendship 
between cast members this year, and ev- 
eryone worked extremely well together. 
Senior Jennifer Ribble professionally handled 
the female lead, Anna Leonowens. Paul Ti- 
tus, another senior, royally performed the 
male lead, the King of Siarn. Supporting 
leads were played by senior Elizabeth 
Maurer as Lady Thaing; senior Marcy Dobkin 
as Tuptim; junior Leigh Dobkin as the Krala- 
homej and sophomore Danny Martin as Lun 
Tha. The chorus, consisting of fifty hard- 
working students, also did a marvelous job. 
Choreographer Linda Kenyon, who has 
choreographed the fall musicals for the past 
few years, made the dancing in Th© King 
and 1 very exciting. Colorful costumes, a 
responsive audience, as well as a tot of hard 
work and dedication, all contributed to the 
high quality of this year's production. 

1. Richie Skoler delivers a message. 2. The sun god 
rules. 3. Jenny Ribble and Paul Titus. 4. Marcy Dobkin 
and Danny Martin in a tender moment, 5. The warriors 
prepare our battle. 6. Paul Titus sings. 7. Beth Mitchell 
does a fan dance. 8. Steven Resnic reads announce- 
ments trom the Kina. 


v^.-V' I 



Homecoming activities, 1984, coincided 
with Longmeadow's Bicentennial celebra- 
tion. This gala weekend began with a super 
bonfire Friday night, followed by a dance 
where more than one hundred underclass- 
men enjoyed the music of top forty artists 
including Michael Jackson and Duran Duran. 
Saturday morning the sun shone brightly on 
the town parade which included students 
representing the four classes, the marching 
band, and the cheerleaders. 

Constructing a float on the theme of the 
Bicentennial, each class came up with some 
innovative ideas. The senior class used the 
WAQY mobile, a mobile radio station, to 
tow their red, white, and blue statue of Un- 
cle Sam. On a hand-pulled dolly, the sopho- 
mores displayed their replica of First Church. 
The junior creation was a giant birthday 
cake decorated with cupcakes and lolli- 
pops, all surrounded by two hundred bal- 
loons. The freshmen, without organized 
leadership, made a respectable showing 
with a one-room schoolhouse. All the stu- 
dents worked hard, but the trophies for the 
biggest and most unigue float were award- 
ed to the junior class. 

Under the direction of Mr. Wilfred Burkle, 
the Longmeadow High School band also 
won an award. Many teachers marched in 
the parade while others were seen along 
the parade route with friends and neigh- 

The homecoming events culminated with 
a football game at which the Lancers host- 
ed the Classical Bulldogs. Although the 
Lancers were dealt a disappointing loss by 
Classical, the day was a great success unit- 
ing the community in one big celebration. 

1. Big Bird joins the Parade. 2. Homecoming bonfire 
burns high, 3. Grandpa, can I be a Lancer too? 4. 
Laurie, Jen, and Karen show their class spirit. 5. Seniors 
show spirit for the town's birthday. 6. Ray Glasgow kicks 
off the Homecoming. 7. Heavy competition in the Bicy- 
cle Race. 8. Varsity Cheerleaders join the Parade. 9. 
Class officers May and Jenny accept their float's 

X HHrrf 







» W" "i 

■» — 5*d 

?4 *L 





Jet Jotter 

A group of top reporters scouts LHS for 

. ., ' ■•' ■■;'■."■ . ': " - - 

C. iir "- 

committee and by advertisers. About 3,000 
copies are read by students, faculty and 
people in the community. The 30 staff r 

pics like the draft, the novel, 1984, teena 
sexuality, Kurt Waldheim (the former Secr\ 
tary General of the U.N.), and astronaut 
Scott Carpenter. Perenially, the Jet Jotter 
sweeps up awards at competition. This year 
they won first prize and Medalist at the Co- 
lumbia University Journalism Contest. At Ho- 
lyoke Community College, the Jet Jotter 
won awards for best makeup, lay-out, and 
best photograph. In March, the students at- 
tended a convention in New York. 

Under the supervision of Mr. Fitzgerald, 
Chris Sterba, editor-in-chief, and Martin Ban- 
son, managing editor, reporters dig for 
headlines. News editor Bruce Bergman pre- 
sented top stories about important issues, 
Features editor, Elizabeth Castagna, pub- 
lished articles about interesting activities 
white editor Alun Polga featured controver- 
sial viewpoints in his editorial section. Cathy 
Davitt provided full coverage of school 
sports while Steven Goldstein and Amy Por- 
chelli added to stories with their drawings 
and photographs. Business manager Laurie 
Folk and advertising manager, Melissa Tick 
took care of business relations and circulat- 
ing manager, Kerry Kisiel made sure every- 
one got a copy each month. Through dedi- 
cated editors and a hard working staff, the 
Jet Jotter brought LHS dazzling headlines, 

1 Members of the Jet Jotter examine their work during 
homeroom 2. Jet Jotter's advisor. Mr, Fitzgerald 3 
Dale Sherman, Lauren Antiles and Amy Porchelli review 
the Jet Jotter. 4. Editor Martin Sanson talks to the staff 
during a meeting. 5. Cathy Davitt enjoys reading the 
latest issue. 6. Jet Jotter staff members. 7. Laurie Falk 
displays her talent. 8. Editors of the Jet Jotter. 9. Jet 
Jotter members search for their articles in the paper 

ir,r- x ;*u+ 

I^F^I m*. -■■-, irii ^^Bft 

m ir^TBk 

1^5^* ^f ' T* *"" l^B ifl H 

;■■■ ■*■■■■ ; ■ ■:■:■ :- -■■■■■■'"'* ''■".' " ■■ ■ I'- ; ' ■ ;; ■■"■: ■ . 

MB *■ M ■ 

* . *' r 







•-r * 









Many students at Longmeadow High 
School take advantage of the fine musical 
programs offered by girls' chorus, mens' 
chorus, and concert chorus. However, one 
of the most popular courses is Lyrics, a full 
credit course complete with written tests 
and homework. These fine programs give 
students instruction in reading music, tone 
quality, and voice control, all of which pays 
off in the beautiful sounds heard at the high- 
ly successful Winter and Pops concerts. As 
usual, several excellent singers from Long- 
meadow received statewide recognition 
including seniors Paul Titus. Jennifer Ribble, 
Marcy Dobkin, Steven Resnic and Maria 

With their very promising chorus groups 
and highly commendable Lyrics vocalists, 
Mr. Pet«>r Thompson and Mr. Michael Mucci 
will continue to build a successful musical 
program at Longmeadow High School. We 
should all be proud of our fellow students for 
their diligence in developing their voices, 
and we thank them for the enjoyment we 
get at concerts or even when they just sing 
in the halls. 

. Marcy Dobin and Jenny Ribble sing sweetly to the 
audience. 2, Mr. Mucci prepares for an upcoming con- 
cert. 3. Girls Chorus during a practice session. 4. A 
superb performance by lyrics. 5. Chorus students keep 
a musical beat. 6. Lyrics performing in the library. 7. Mr. 
Thompson directs girls chorus. 8. Freshman chorus 
members practice diligently. 9. Lyrics captivates the 
audience during a concert. 



■ ''iNhtez 

Students at Longmeadow High 
capable of much more than just studying, 
Many spend their free time developing spe- 
cial talents and skills. While some students 
head directly to the stables for their horses 
at 2:15, others can be found at the Oiympia 
Ice Arena perfecting their figure skating 
routines for the weekend competition. 
Many members of LHS devote their free 
time to ballet, tap, jazz, and modern 
dance. Another hobby is car restoration. 

Many of these "special" students h< 
been commended for their talent. Se 
Lisa Bettigole and her horse, Excaliber, have 
competed in both state and national cc 
petition. Jennifer Betit is another unsi 
hero of LHS. She has won several figure sk 
ing competitions and even received honor- 
able mention at last year's New England 
Championships. Seniors Beth Dannay, Sue 
Elliot and Robyn Murphy, have displayed 
f heir dancing skills in many performances, 
iderclassmen Jenn Daly and Beth Vinr 1 
re sure to continue the tradition with th 

1 . Junior Judy Eickhoff struts her perfect form. 2. Senior 
Jackie Cosenzi crowned queen of Columbus Day. 3. 

Jen Betit on ice! 4. Sophomore Beth Vinick curtsies to 
her applause. 5. Senior Beth Dannay performs with style 
6. Junior Anne Chambers poses on blades. 7. The Juice 
Caboose flashes their success. 8. Juniors Sam Radner 
and Randy Hobbs check out a little white Corvette. 




Friday afternoon at 2: 15, the bell rings. At 
2:16, the halls of Longmeadow High School 
are buzzing with rumors of the weekend's 
activities. A common question is "Where's 
the party?" A typical weekend itinerary 
goes as follows: 

Friday night means keg parties with "a 
few" friends. Infrequent dances are popu- 
lated by freshmen and sophomores. 

After a late awakening Saturday morn- 
ing, the afternoon begins with a football, 
basketball, or lacrosse game. Victory cele- 
brations follow, although defeat won't 
dampen the party mood. Friendly's is over- 
run with the younger crowd, while licensed 
juniors escape in their cars. Some organize 
trips to the ski slopes or beaches. 

Sundays are more relaxed. The under- 
classmen wander around the shopping 
malls or football field, while juniors labor over 
their term papers at the library. Seniors 
spend many fall weekends touring college 
campuses. Sunday night is dedicated to 
that last-minute English paper or science lab 
that has been ignored all weekend. 

This schedule may be altered by indivi- 
dual's interests or responsibilities. Many stu- 
dents are employed, and others contribute 
their free time to service organizations and 
clubs. Keyettes are often seen at Shriner's 
Hospital, local nursing homes and communi- 
ty projects. The Outing Club sponsors hiking 
and canoeing trips. 

After a week of demanding academics, 
the weekend brings well-deserved relax- 
ation in a variety of social activities. Howev- 
er, Monday morning the grind returns. 

1. Maria Briones and Natalie Savich relax on weekend. 

2. 84 parties more! 3. Alex and Robbie start the week- 
end right. 4. Seniors celebrate the weekend. 5. Spend- 
ing the weekend with friends. 6. Show us those legs 
Kerry! 7. Friends forever. 8. Mike and Jeff take a break 
from T.F.L. 


•\ ,>;;?:•*<#>■ ■ 






ysicai Fitness 

ave you ever wondered why there are 
so many trim bodies walking around Long- 
■:c-.s :. 

ycy" y* : - .-■:■;■ ,. ■'. : ; ■■ ;•■. jr::\ 
but for the enjoyment they get when they 
feel fit. Dancing is a popular form of working 
o>. I si 1 -, Z::':r\ . ■ - 

ing since she was young because she enjc 
it so much. The same is true of juniors. Lea 
Bailey and Lynn Midura. They all enjoy danc- 
ing as ffeellds keeping fit. Another aspect of 
::-;v/-;-.:a .■':,■. „ yyI:yy-:. : : -.v-iy. ,,; . ;■ ' Ay ..;-;.■.-■ 
ay : r • 

sport or just for per;- 

anie Watnick and Kelly Gardella jog after 
school in order to keep in shape for track. 
However, the new craze sweeping the na- 
tion, aerobic dancing, has not missed us. 
Many girls involved in this exercise, either 
work out at Figures and Fitness, or stay 
home with Jane Fonda. All this interest in 
afterschool fitness, other than sports, shows 
that people in 

della shows endurance. 3. Senior Anne Davidson re- 
laxes after a tough run. 4. Senior Timmy Dow works out. 
5. Junior Jimmy Snyder hangs in there. 6. Freshmen Jen 
Daly poses the latest athletic fashions. 7. Lancer bi- 
cycler takes a relaxing ride 8. A tough race for Lancer 
bicycler. 9. Sue Elliott keeps in shape between seasons 


■ A A v * 
v \ A. A * 

k K X X 


& i .1 i 




« •%. 









>ed to new heights" this year Advised 
Mr, Ron Hirsch, thirty students went back 

> the basics of nature during weekend ex- 
cursions together. They went cross-country 
and downhill skiing, backpacking, rock- and 
mountain-climbing, and canoeing, Presi- 
dent Robert Dabbs. Vice-President Casey 
Wenz, Treasurer Paul Moran, and Secretary 
Shelagh Foley led the group, teaching sur- 
vival skills while also learning a lot th 
selves. JffMNl 

The LHS Library Aides volunteered much 
of their time to the organization of the li- 
brary this year. There were twenty-one 
aides in all this year, all of whom went 
through a four-week training session in the 
beginning of the year. The helpers had the 
difficult job of taking care of the circulation 
procedures at the front desk. They assisted 
the library staff during their studies, three to 
four blocks a week; their help was indispen- 
sable, and they deserve much credit. 

1 The Outing Club on their cross-country skiin 
The dedicated library aides. 3. One assistant learns • 
ures for the front-desk's activities. 4. Out 
usud members set up camp. 5. Outing Club advisor F 
Hirsch. 6. Marlene Sommer checks out a book to 
student 7. Lauren Kittredge keeping the car- 1 ■ 
inni io i io-to-date. 8. President Robert Dabbs he,^ 
.. . . .... mer for the rest of the members. 9. Club m_ 

bers break for a picture during another excursion. 
Marlene helps Mrs. Pratt out during her free time. 




Who gives shiny apples to the teachers? 
The Keyettes. The Keyette Club at Long- 
meadow High School proved to be ex- 
tremely successful in 1983-84. This year they 
were led by their spirited officers, President 
Kathleen Ahrens, Vice Presidents Laurie Ris- 
tino and Barbara Glinski, Treasurer Karen 
Haskin, Secretary Marianne Caviston, Parli- 
mentarian Jennifer Betit and advisor Mrs. Pa- 
tricia Tarnauskas. Each holiday, they boost- 
ed school spirit by selling carnations. In addi- 
tion, they sponsored the Red Cross bi-annu- 
al Bloodmobile drive and helped raise mon- 
ey for HERA, the Hotline to end Rape Abuse. 

Every Sunday during the school year, in 
conjunction with Key Club, the Keyettes vis- 
ited with the patients at the Shriners Hospital 
for crippled children, in Springfield. 

At the 1983 annual Keyette convention, 
Longmeadow High School gained national 
recognition when Karen Haskin was elected 
international Keyette treasurer, and Laurie 
Ristino was elected international Keyette 
Project Chairwoman. 

Because of the hard work, dedication, 
and spirit of the Keyettes, Longmeadow 
High School, as well as the surrounding com- 
munities, profited immensely in 1 983-84. 

1. Lynn Midura, Anita Chang, Mary Ellen Donnelly. Kerry 
Kisiel, Kerry Gallivan. 2. Kathy Ahrens President of 
Keyettes. 3. "Mrs. T" our faculty advisor. 4. Keyettes 
officers off duty. 5. Senior Keyettes. 6. Junior Keyettes. 
7. Secretary Marianne Caviston and Treasurer Karen 


In recent years the LHS Key Club, 
Dred by the Kiwanis Club of Springfiel 
oned a prestigous reputation as a h 

■:. -j :> <::■:■.:■ :.,■■"■■■■ , r^v;. ;-■.■-■■.■•. V:i -■.•■■;■■: ;■;.■ 

garni reputatior^yF-jOQ^^Ql 
Under the leadership of their presi< 
Vex Roth, and the guidance of their v 
or, James Climo, Key Club flourished, 
act, they earned the number one ran^ 
-i New England. Additionally, they pla< 
number four nationally. Some of the n 

jraiser for the Baystate Medical Center, the 
:hildrens' Hospital in Boston, and an ex- 
remely successful variety show. 

Throughout Longmeadow, and the sur- 
rounding communities, there was a great 
enthusiasm for Key Club. All of the goods 
and services they provided were well re- 
vived. In addition, they ran the extremely 

Dref erred. The revenue was then used to 
buy computers for Longmeadow Higl 
School. All in all. Key Club was very success 
ful this year, 

1. Key Clubbers have great spirit. 2. Alex Roth, Key 
President. 3. Daren Suhs. 4. Sam Radnor concentrate 
on business. 5. Kiwanis leaders sit in on a meeting. 6. 
Jeff Reynolds. 7. Mr. Climo Key Club advisor. 8. Roland 
ready for action. 9. Joe Saddle. 

■ .7 .»-.*>''■ 


III IIP - ; - .■' '■ . Jli :/- 

1984 was the year of "great snow.' U. 
der the direction of advisor Mr. Met Grant, 
the LHS SkiCiub had a super time at Mi Tom 
once again this year. It was the perfe^ 4 
season for skiing, and the participants, i 
::tjd\u: i ' :".' ■ • ;i\ < : 

■ .'■ ' . Sic iVr: . ;• : . 

<,z- - - • ' ' :-i - : < ■ ■ " ' or" 'it'- 
"^iplierfes for the club. believec|ffc|r^ 

r. - ■ ' ,, ■ • • ' • : ' : ' ; ' ■"' •' ' : 

y to try the complex sport of skiing and to 
„e if they liked it. One club member 
summed it up well by saying, M Ski Club is a 
great time because it's awesome skiing and 
awesome people." 
Another club, Metco, aids students intel- 
Dtually. Metco is a program allowing stu- 
dents from Springfield to attend and enjoy 
the benefits of Longmeadow High School. 


Every year the Masacksic staff works long and hard in an effort to put 
together an exceptional yearbook for the graduating class. It is with pride 
and pleasure that we give to you what we feel will be memories that will 
last forever. We wish you the best of luck, success, and the ability to 
reach your personal goals. 

Masacksic Editors-in-Chief , 

Julie Ann Roberts 

Cindy Friedmann 

We would like to thank some very special people, without whom the production of the Masacksic 
would not be possible: 
Mel Grant, our dedicated Masacksic advisor 
The entire yearbook staff 
Steven's Photography, especially Bob and Mark 
Don Lendry, Josten's yearbook representative 
Mr. Cobbs, for the use of his phone 
The janitors, for putting up with our late hours 

Editors-in-chief: Cindy Friedmann and Julie Ann Roberts 

Senior Editors: Kim Laakso and Paul Titus 

Sports Editors: Suzy Canter and Joanne Fanelli 

Student Life Editors: Karen Crosby and Alicia Ouellette 

Underclass Editors: Anne Chambers and Ellen Gorman 

Ads Editor: Alissa Grinspoon 

Faculty Editor: Jody Marshall 

Business Editors: Beth Mitchell and Kitsey Rigby 

Photography Editors: Steven Goldstein and Jen Stone 

Copy Editors: Rachel Kittredge and Jenny Radding 

Masacksic Staff: Maria Briones, Anne Davidson, Jackie Glantz, Kate Lantz, Arthur Theocles, Ann-Gail 

Bregianes, May Briones, Laura Ferris, Karen Flaherty, Kristen Florio, Kathie Garner, Barbara Geary, Robert 

Kagan, Robin Leib, Lisa Rodenhizer, Jill Schulman, Jenny Sweet, Suzanne Tremble, Holly Gallivan, Rachel 

Gilman, Cathy Girr, Carol Hoyer, Brian Kimball, Michael Mann, Peter Weitz 

"Hi, is there anything for me?" . . . K.A.D.C. . . . bullet wholes and rounded corners . . . 
Who drew all over the room? ... I can't wait to see the book! . . . retakes for the 
fourth time . . . home away from home . . . you did what with the index?!? . . . handing 
bacK pages . . . one page JA, one page C, one page JA and C . . . best sales ever 
. . . last deadline! . . . "Does anyone need me? Want me?" . . . Where's B. P.? ... 
08246 . . . Anne and Karen's typically underclass antics ... I quit ... Do you have our 
plane tickets, Paul? . . . "It's bright pink with diamonds" . . . "Where have you been?" 
. . . Senior editors' leaky pens . . . recropping . . . "We're the only ones who'll notice" 
. . . "Why did we accept this job?" . . . It'll all be worth it in the end! 


Drs. Bernabe and Norma Banson 
Mr. and Mrs. George Belcher 
John and Jane Bellnier 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cosenzi 
The Michael J. Daly Family 
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Feist 
Sandra and Fred Flatow 
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Friedmann 
Vincent and Diane Fusaro 
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Glantz 
Dr. and Mrs. Bernard N. Gotlib 
Mr. and Mrs. B. Hochberg 
Mr. and Mrs. James Huber 
Sid and Liz Kittredge 
Albert and Mary Laakso 
Susan and George Lantz 
Mr. and Mrs. Julian J. Leavitt 
Longmeadow Travel 

Betsy and Larry Lundy 

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Masi 

Mr. and Mrs. William Monks 

Mr. and Mrs. Omer Muchmore, Jr. 

Mary and Michael Murphy 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rigby 

Dr. and Mrs. Anthony A. Rizzo 

Allan, Arleen and the Roberts Family 

Dr. and Mrs. Manuel V. Santiago, Jr. 

Phil and Irma Schwartz 

Mr. and Mrs. George B. Tazzini, Jr. 

Linda and Paul Titus 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Walker 

The Wass Family 

Rosemary and Murray Watnick 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Wilks 

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Zeroogian and Family 



Ellie and Bruce Andrews 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Barkett 

Barney and Regina Bear 

Mr. and Mrs. Betit 

Mrs. Nancy Bettigole 

Carolyn S. Casella 

The Caviston Family 

Mrs. Susan F. Cichocki 

Lew and Alice Coco 

Al and Georgia Colella 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Dannay 

Dr. and Mrs. Demosthenes Dasco 

Mr. and Mrs. Dinoia 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter T. Dow 

George, Sylvia, Amy, Laurie and Benjy Falk 

Mrs. Robert Feinberg 

Mr. and Mrs. Felicetti 

Dr. and Mrs. John Fitzgibbons 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph N. Flanagan 

Richard C. and Beverly A. Fonner 

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Franson 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Glasgow 

Mr. and Mrs. Stedman Herman 

Jim and Judy Holsing 

Howard and Sylvia Hoyt 

Judge and Mrs. George C. Keady, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kittredge 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Leonovich 

Charles and Beryl Mayo 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. McLaughlin 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Meier 

Mr. and Mrs. John Naughton 

Mr. and Mrs. George C. Nebel 

Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Paquette 

Mr. David C. Perkins 

Mrs. Katherine H. Perkins 

Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Reboulet 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Resnic 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Roth 

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Ruby 

Sandi and Joel Sisitsky 

Mr. and Mrs. William Skelley 

Richard Slater 

Mr. and Mrs. Allan Sommer 

Gail and Phillip Stone 

Ty and Ellie Tyson 

The Walbridges 

The Richard Weiler Family 

Pauline, Joel, Gary, Debbie and Lisa Weiner 

Leonard and Etta Williams 


\*[J i 



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r*" i *w 






' Jm^ 

S3 &»*'?>:'■ r'V''H»K 

dlSffi Era 


I ■ 





Mrs. Barbara Laub 


. . . she was a lady 


I ' ■ i'f' 1